Monday, September 9, 2013


Clint's African adventure ended today.
As I write this he's on his way to Kathmandu, Nepal.

He spent his last day in Uganda finishing up the work he had to do there, plus he uploaded a few more pics to his Facebook photo album. Thought I'd post a few of my fav's here. Just because.

In addition to working in Kampala, the capital city, he and the team went river rafting on the Nile. The next few pics are ones he took of the night sky along the shore of the Nile. I am AWESTRUCK.

In addition to the river rafting trip, Clint and co went of a safari. The pics are unbelievable. I? Am a fan of giraffes. I love necks.

And I'm not just saying I love necks because Clint has taken some cute giraffe pics. Look. Here. I even have a pinterest board JUST FOR NECKS. 

Know what I love about this one? It's a happy young elephant. SMILING...

And then the happy, smiling, cheeky elephant saw Clint and yelled at him:

Love this:

And this:

Did you know that wart hogs kneel when eating snacks?
I don't remember Pumba doing this in Lion King... could Disney missed a cute detail?

It's kinda  hard to see, but this is a bird (kingfisher?) flying. In an interestingly wild way. Like, weird, man.

Look at the texture, the wrinkles, the crinkles. Suddenly I feel young.

Know what I think of when I see his pics?
Well, besides how good my boy is with a camera?
It's how good God is at making stuff.
Seriously. So. Much. Creativity.

I bet He was just laughing like crazy when He thought up a way for that bird to fly.
And the necks. On giraffes. Brilliant.

And the night sky? THOSE STARS. I mean, really.
How awesome.

Hey, God?
Thanks for making this world, and all the people in it, so beautiful.
Thanks for having an eye for detail.
Thanks for the unexpected surprises that we keep discovering when actually look around.

And, thanks for loving us. Even when we screw up over and over again.
God? If there's something I need to see, someone I should meet, someone who should meet me - go ahead and make that happen.

God? If there's something I should ponder, nudge me.
If there's something I should stop thinking about, give me amnesia.

If there's something I should say, give me courage to say it.
If there's something I should shut up about, close my mouth.

If there's someone who needs me to pray, bring them to my mind.

God, for those who are struggling with addictions, I pray that right now, at this very minute, You would fill them will hope. Slay their dragons for them, post Your angels on their rooftops and give them peace from the onslaught of temptations that threaten to overtake their best intentions. Bring into their lives good mentors, faithful friends, and loyal supporters who commit to walking this journey with them.

God, for those in care homes who are confused and lonely and ill and aged, please send your angels to each room to bring them peace. God, could you fill those care homes with joy? Could you give those care-givers extra measures of patience and wisdom as they attend to the needs of those who are finishing up their time on earth in their care? I pray Your will be done.

God, for those who are looking for work, I pray You would direct their paths. Could You guide them to the position You have prepared for them for this season of their lives? I pray You would protect them from despair and discouragement. I pray You would fill them with hope.

God, for those who don't know You yet, I pray that You would meet them where they're at. Could you reveal Yourself to them? Like, today? In a way that would be unmistakably YOU. Strip away all the armour they have on, and show them how much You love them. Show them that You are real. Bring into their lives messengers of Your good news; someone they trust. Someone who can speak boldly and with love. God, could those people that I care deeply about, get a special love letter from You today? And another one tomorrow? Please?

God? Thanks for the whole "love" thing. And 'marriage' thing. I've been at so many weddings these past few years... could you protect those new marriages from any evil ideas that Satan has? Those newlyweds? Could You give them wisdom to seek help when things get rocky? God, do we have enough smart people on earth to help those who need relationship help? Maybe You could inspire more folks to get into that line of work? And then give us a boot in the rear when it's time to ask for help. And for those oldyweds - like all my friends' and family's marriages ... can you rekindle the love and passion? Toss a spark in where it's just dust and ashes. And where there are deep hurts and years of misunderstandings? Can You help them?

Aaack. I wasn't planning on doing this whole prayer thing tonight, God, but well, here I am. Since I'm on a roll, I'll just keep on going with my never ending list of things I'm going to dump at Your feet ...

For those travelling? Protect them. Open their eyes to the things You want them to see, and protect them for situations they should not get involved in. Let them be blessings where ever they are. I pray that those who are away from home are so by Your design, for Your purposes. And may those purposes be fulfilled.

For those who are worried about juggling all the responsibilities that keep piling up in their lives - could You help them sort it out? Those things that are important? Give them the strength to endure. Those things that don't matter - let them blow away.

For those who are in leadership? Like, say, in their homes, in their work place, and uh, in government? Oh, God I pray for wisdom for these folks. Wisdom. Courage. Boldness. Compassion. And a strong support system. In abundance.

I have a special soft spot for writers, actors, musicians, designers and artists. God? I'm not even sure how to pray for them as a group other than to ask You to be their inspiration. By some divine way could You be beside them as they work on projects, memorize their lines, write their songs, audition for roles, adapt screenplays, put paint on canvas, capture images, write books, invent show ideas ... God we need You to be part of the process. Please protect our generations' creative people from evil.

God? I'm sitting here, at my mom's kitchen table, looking out at the glittering lights on the other side of the river. Is this where You want me to stay? Or is this just for a little while? Just a season of 'breathing room' for me? How will I know when it's time to leave? Because, well, as you know, I am becoming very accustomed to this life style. Life is quite easy right now. Is this a calm before a storm?

And I guess that it's it for tonight, God. Thanks for listening.

Love you and amen.


Tricia said...

Those. Stars. How incredibly beautiful, and what a gifted photographer Clint is. And you...I'm printing out that prayer.

Unknown said...

Absolutely incredible shots. AMAZING.I would love to see about buying prints of a few of those, especially the stars and the elephants!!! Thank you for sharing these with us, Janey-O. <3

Megan Lee said...

Wow, those photo are gorgeous.