Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I gave Guildford one more chance this evening.

I parked in my usual spot.

Oy,'usual' parking spot at a mall. But this was 'my' mall when I was a teenager. Until I got my job at the Hobby Hut, I hung out at the mall most Friday nights. Don't judge me... I wasn't the only person there. It was just the thing to do in the 70's. And I always parked in the same area. Across from the doors on the lower side of Woodward's.

And then when I got my first SLR camera, I dropped in to the mall at least once a week to drop off a roll of film or five. By then, the photography department was conveniently located right near my usual parking spot. So I was able to run in and out in 3 minutes. And everyone knew me in that department so I didn't have to wait in any type of line.

I am a yoyo. I've moved back and forth between Surrey and Langley regularly for the past 40 years. And everysingletime I end up back in Surrey, despite my aversion to shopping, I end up having to go to the mall at some point. And like it's got a magnetic force attached to it, I find myself being pulled right to my old spot.

Y'know? It's hard to feel grown up and mature when you end up doing the time warp thing; living back in Surrey, with your mom, going to the mall, eating in the food court, parking in the same spot. Seriously? I've been alive how many years? It's like I'm living in some West Coast Mom version of Groundhog Day. 

ANYway. After two failed attempts in the past couple of weeks, I gave Guildford another shot.
I needed makeup. And boots. Both ends of my body needed attention.

First of all, don't count on those mall maps/store directories being of any help while trying to navigate a newly renovated mall. Secondly ....

I don't actually have a secondly.

I was there for half an hour. And spent most of it walking. Walking from one side to the other because the two stores I wanted to shop at were miles apart. So, wait, maybe I do have a secondly. Wear good walking shoes and bring a compass. That mall is big, yo?

Know what?
I did Sephora.
By myself.

And then I went to a footwear store.
And bought the first two pairs of boots I tried on.

I walked out of the mall with two bags; an itty bit one. And a honking big one. And the little one? Was worth TWICE what the large one was.

A bit of powder and a dab of cream cost more than two pairs of boots.

I didn't think you could put a price on body parts or anything but it turns out that my face is worth twice as much as my feet.

Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. This month will not last forever. It'll be 30 days long just like it has been for Every Single Year since the beginning of time.

2. Facebook.

3. Hope.


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