Friday, November 8, 2013

Three Thingies That I Be Thankful For:

1. This has been a stinkin busy season at work. So Many Major, complicated, multi-pieced projects on the go right now. Thankful that every crisis (and I've had at least one crisis per morning for the past two weeks) ended up being a solve-able situation and Things Are Moving Along.
(To put this in perspective, I'm placing print orders over a 6 week period for about 400,000 various pieces. Tis the season to be jolly...)

2. I am thankful for the Wed Night Class I'm attending. Drier than I anticipated, but still good to stretch my brain.

3. I am thankful for friends whose husbands travel, play sports, do evening ministry, or work at night. Love having someone to play with... Tonight? A very spontaneous dinner and movie.

Oy, edge of seat action/tension in this one:


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