Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Not 14 Karat gold.
Not 14 K as in $14,000.

But 14K as in distance.

14 Kilometers is like over 8.5 miles.

And that's how much I've walked in the past 24 hours.
7K last night and 7 K again tonight.
Mostly uphill.

Not in the snow.
And not barefoot.
But still.

It is dark and cold at 10 pm.
So, maybe extra points for that?

Know what?
Walking has no impact on the size of one's stomach.

Know what else?
If I do walk that Vancouver Half Marathon, which is 21k, it's going to take me (lessseee, 1.5 hours to do 7K, means I times that by 3... 1.5 x 3, is.... FOUR AND A HALF HOURS OF WALKING.) I wonder how many hills there are. And what if it rains. I don't walk in the rain.

Know what else?
Eating a piece of chocolate cake when you get back home probably defeats the purpose. And two pieces is even worse.

And so after all that? I'm right back where I started.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Clint is off to Newfoundland tonight. He's got a gig out there; producing a video for a band. He'll be home hours before Christmas.
In spite of the distance, I was able to text him while he was stopped-over at the Toronto airport to ask for his help in getting a present for Max. He placed the Amazon order while we chatted and never have I loved technology more. SO thankful I live in this time and place.

2. Clear, crisp, non-rainy evenings. And the freedom to walk for hours, safely.

3. Two more days of work and then 9 days off. Two more days of work and then 9 days off. Two more days of work and then 9 days off. :)


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Tricia said...

LOL...I always reward my exercisie with cake and cookies!