Friday, December 20, 2013

I Think I'd Like to Have a Neck and Shoulder Massage

And that? Is something I wouldn't have said a year, or ten, years ago.
It's the touching.
All the touching.

I assume that whoever has to do the touching would be grossed out.

And it would just be awkward.
Me apologizing for not being a 20 year old model with perfect skin. Them wishing I was.
Me all uptight because I know they wish they could massage someone sexier.
Me getting tense because I think I know what they're thinking. And I can't turn my brain off.


But everything is all bunched up and tense this week.

So maybe a set of hands, firm, strong, capable hands, touching me there, would be a good idea.

We'll see.

It's been super busy at work. Not everywhere in the building, but in my office for sure. So many projects to get off to the printers before the weekend. So many details to get sorted before I take a week off. So many social things to deal with because its the season.


I am not whining. Just explaining why my neck is stiff and why I want someone to touch me.

I know. I'm amazed at myself too.

At the end of the day, we had a Precious Cargo shower for a gal at work who is adopting a girl from Haiti.

Because their daughter will be arriving via airplane, the "Precious Cargo" theme was worked into the whole event. Snacks were packaged as they would be on a plane, with the food table called the Beverage Cart. The gifts were stored in the baggage compartment. And so on. Very fun.

Rest of album is on Facebook, here. The best photo sharing tool around.

After that, I moved up the freeway a few miles and had dinner with my Uncle John, Aunt Mary and Jason (who's 30th birthday we were celebrating) and his wife Vanessa.

And I met Siggy this evening too. He and his wife were sitting behind us, and he wanted to know how I was related, did I speak German and how many photos I had on my memory card...

She loves him. (And he was trying to be surly:)

After I got home, and saw that, indeed, it was not raining, I put on 16 layers of clothes and texted Heather to see if she felt like going for a late night walk.

She did.

She suggested this evening's route, and it included walking through a light show while we crossed over the freeway. All kinds of awesomeness.

And then? It started to snow.
And it was pure magic.

December? I'm not hating you as much as I have in the past. Sorry that I've been negative about you previously...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Late night walks. With a friend. In the snow.

2. I learned something new today. (On my phone.) I now have an Emoji keyboard. Texts from me are now going to be so colorful and fun. You are going to want to hear from me all the livelong day.

3. I'm thankful for this thing I read this morning:

(Peter and John are fishing. It's after the resurrection...)

"It's him," he whispers. "It's Jesus."

Peter turns and looks. Jesus, the God of Heaven and Earth is on the shore... and he's building a fire. 

Peter lunges into the water, swims to the shore, and stumbles out wet and shivering and stands in front of the friend he betrayed. Jesus has prepared a bed of coals. 

For one of the few times in his life, Peter is silent. What words would suffice? The moment is too holy for words. God is offering breakfast to the friend who betrayed him. And Peter is once again finding grace at Galilee.

What do you say at a moment like this?

It's just you and God. You and God both know what you did. And neither one of you is proud of it. What do you do?

You might consider doing what Peter did. Stand in God's presence. Stand in his sight. Stand still and wait. Sometimes that's all a soul can do. Too repentant to speak but too hopeful to leave. Just stand. 

Stand amazed. 

He invites you to try again. 

(Max Lucado, Grace Happens Here)


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