Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Shopping

15 minute text conversation between Clint, who is in Newfoundland (10 provinces and 4.5 time zones away) and me, in Langley at Best Buy:

Me: You there?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Is this the one? (I take a pic of a price tag with my phone and hit SEND.)
Him: No. Get the newer one.
Me: This one? (I take a pic of the one beside it.)
Him: Yes. Ask the sales clerk is that's the newest one.
Me: K.
Him: Well?
Me: Yes, it's the newest one. He's checking online. They're sold out.
Him: Go to Metrotown, or Richmond.
Me: We've just had a dump of snow. Parking lots are crazy. Roads are nuts. I'll go home and phone around.
Him: Go to Walmart.
Me: K
(I'm in my truck by now, so I point it towards the Walmart parking lot, which is right across the street from Best Buy.)
Him: Nevermind. They're sold out.
Me: K. How about London Drugs?
(It's across the parking lot, right next to Walmart...)
Him: Ja.
(I find a parking spot.)
Him: Nevermind. They don't have any.
Me: K.
Him: Try Staples.
Me: Good idea.
(I leave the parking lot and head onto the road. Staples is 2 blocks away.)
Him: NCIX has 4. Pick up only. Call first.
(He's thinking of the NCIX in Vancouver. I am inches away from the one in Langley.)
Me: K. How late are they open?
Him: Call them. (He posts their phone number.)
I pull into their parking lot and park right next to the door.
Me: Buying it right now.
Him: Over the phone?
Me: In person.
Him: Nice.
Me: Getting the last one.
Him: Hottest gift this Christmas.
Me: Done.

Easiest shopping experience ever, considering the crowds, the snow, the time (Friday night, minutes before closing) and the gift (hottest one this Christmas...). I was the only customer in NCIX, and when I held up the photo of what I wanted on my phone, he clicked it into the computer, smiled and said I was getting the last one. I was in and out in 3 minutes.


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