Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just Stuff

My things will be delivered here on Saturday. It is coming boxed up, and it will stay boxed up. EXCEPT my speakers.

I will set up a sound system in the basement. It's been half a year since I've listened to music. Loudly.

I am a little giddy about that.
Dance Party Saturday night.

Yeah, it'll be private.


I was chatting with a guy at work and he was referencing the 'small talk that happens before devos in the morning'. And I thought to myself, "The heck you talking about? This morning I was asked if hot flashes were bothering me."
And when I told her I haven't had one yet, she looked at me and said, "Do you still have your period? HOW OLD ARE YOU?"

Haha. That's how middle-aged women do small talk.
Wonder what the boys talk about.


Jane Fonda had two minutes to say anything she wanted.
Anything at all.
Know what she said?

Watch here.
Or just read this sentence:

"We have to raise sons who are capable of intimacy and love and compassion and empathy."

Go on, Jane. Preach it.


I was out for coffee the other night (OKFINE. She had tea, I had water. I HAVE TO LEARN TO LIKE HOT BEVERAGES) with a friend. She was all bubbly and giggly. She is doing some volunteer work and absolutely LOVES it. Her words (and I didn't have a recorder on, so this is from memory...) in essence were something like this, "I always thought that doing something/work for God would be a chore. A sacrifice. Something to moan about. That if He calls you to do something, it's going to be hard. But this? This is fun. And awesome. And brings me so much joy. And I can't believe that I'm really doing anything for Him, because this just feels so good."

Why are we so surprised when that happens?
Because, course, we all know, He always asks us to do something He hasn't equipped us for. Or given us a desire for.

I think that's the definition of 'sweet spot': Where your passions and talents intersect with God's will and purpose for your life.

There is something inspiring about hanging out with people who are in their sweet spots.



For those of you who don't live in my corner of the world, we are having the best run of weather ever.

Clear sunny skies all week, again. Biting cold, but pffft.

So I've been layering up and walking the hills in the evening. Yeah. It's minus 5 at 10 pm. Whatevs.
Mandi joined me on Monday night. And Heather was my icicle buddy last night.

Frig it was nippy.

But so awesome.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Thanks to Amazon, I can (Christmas) shop from the comfort of my bed.
2. Friends who are concerned with 'safety first' when we walk. She lent me a lighted-glowing wrist band. And put it on me. To be sure. She was wearing the not-so-fashionable reflective vest her husband bought for her.

3. I'm not usually a fan of Christmas music, but this is awesome:
5 people with no instruments - just their voices. So, so good.
(By the way, they're coming to Vancouver in February. Anyone want to go?)

And this!
Four guys and a piano.
Truly - give it a listen:

Shalom, friends.

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