Sunday, December 8, 2013


On Thursday afternoon, I had an appointment with my doctor.
He thoroughly checked me over, inside and out, and declared I was incredibly healthy...
He seemed surprised.


On Friday afternoon, I had an appointment with my supervisor.
He was giving me my first annual Employee Performance Review.
(It was half an hour long, and the written version was 4 type-written pages. In other words, very thorough.)
I did good.

Considering my rocky start, I think everyone in the building was surprised at how well I've done.


(Can I just say something quickly?
There's something about getting a good doctor's report, and an excellent work review, that makes you want to share it with someone who loves you. Someone who will be proud of you. Someone who wants to celebrate with you. For a few minutes on Thursday, and again on Friday, I wished I was married to someone who loved me.)

(It passed.
I spent Thursday evening with a friend - we had supper together and then talked at her kitchen table til almost midnight.
And Friday evening was spent with group of friends, just hanging out in a beautifully decorated home, all enjoying each other's company.
I have a good life.)


And on Saturday, my things arrived.
I am still living in my mom's basement, but my stuff, up til now, has been living in a barn in Abbotsford.
We all now re-united.

A semi (and an extra truck), four guys and eight hours.
The basement is full o' my crap. So is the garage.

Want a tour?

Welcome to my bedroom:

View from the doorway. 

View from the other doorway

(Above: Books on the top two shelves. DVD's on the third shelf. Camera equipment in the baskets on the fourth shelf, and misc things on the bottom.)

My 'makeup and hair' corner. This is where I get ready.)

(The reason I have pictures in the window?
There are no blinds. And while it's unlikely that anyone would peak in, I've put them just to make it a little more difficult to be a peeping Tom.)

And immediately beside my desk area, to the right?

My stuff:

Standing amongst boxes and whatnot, looking at the desk area:

Those are the stairs you would come down to get to the basement. This part of the basement has no windows...

(Closet is filled with mom's Christmas decorations. Beside the closet is my bedroom,)
Pool Table room:

The media room is painted black and is completely windowless. It has a surround sound speaker system and an 80 inch TV. (Older technology though, so it doesn't play BluRay DVD's. Nor is it hooked up to cable.) So it's mostly a storage room... mom has a stack of bedding and old glass coffee tables stored in there.There is seating for 3; red leather sectional with recliners and cupholders.)

The other closet in this room is also full of mom's Christmas decorations.

In the back alcove of the Pool Table room, I've set up my couches so that they aren't stacked and shrink-wrapped in the other part of the basement:
(Bad coloring in this photo. Things look pinkish, don't they? Actually, they should have a greenish grey tone.)

Across the hall from my bedroom:

It's black. Black tiles on floor. Black paint on walls.
This is why I take mega doses of Vitamin D.

The first door is a closet. Filled with mom's Christmas decorations. And some bedding.
And thus ends the tour.
This, then, is how I live.

OK, just in case you were wondering...
This is my closet.
Every article of clothing I own is in here. (Winter, summer, work, play and vacation clothes. Plus all my shoes, boots, etc. And all my jackets/coats.) Plus an extra set of bedding, extra pillows. And my laundry basket and back pack.)

I'll be staying through the winter.
My search for appropriate housing (YES, I have been looking) will resume in the Spring.

In the meantime - I'll be cuddled up in my cozy room in this gorgeous house, enjoying this season of homelessness.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Went for another hill walk again this afternoon. LOVE living in this area:

Can you spot my mom's house?

2. I am thankful for my job. And how it is such a good fit for who am I, and what I'm good at.

3. I am thankful that I get to live this life.

Shalom friends,


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