Sunday, December 15, 2013

What if?

So. Many. Good. Things.

It snowed this week.
Which, in the past, would not have been a good thing.
But on Monday? It was OK.
I just bought new tires for my newly tuned-up 4 x 4 truck, so I was confident in my ability to get around.

So with all my confidence regarding driving in the snow, I went in Langley city to shop after work.
Everyone else stayed home.
I had Costco, Safeway, Chapters, the mall, and all the roads to myself. Parking lots were empty. Aisles were people-less. No line ups. Whole evening was weird.

I just really wish I'd been better prepared; I had no lists.
I had no lists.

How often does that happen?
Jane. Caught listless.
Rookie mistake.

I make a living being a list maker.
I won't get caught being unprepared again.
Christmas is coming. And one of these days? I will get it together. Before the 25th.


On Tuesday after work, I helped a friend prepare for Christmas.


Seriously. Such a fun evening.

After the shoot, we went to the mall to get the pics developed.
(Her, not me.)

Two consecutive nights, like in a row, shopping.
Who am I even?


And again on Wednesday?
I met a friend after work to do some more shopping.

(If this keeps up I'm going to have an identity crisis.)

She in her truck, me in mine, driving from store to store, talking in the parking lots between shopping. It was the weirdest way to start an evening, but kinda perfect, you know? After an hour we were done.

(Well, I was done. With the things on my list.)
So with the rest of the evening ahead of us, we decided to see a movie.
For mindless entertainment.

Have you seen 12 Years A Slave?

It will rip your heart out.

Seriously Rip. Your. Heart. Out.
Slavery is a bigger problem today than it was 150 years ago.

We sat in my truck for a few hours afterwards and maybe a few tears were shed.
And maybe we wondered what we could do.
And maybe we resolved to do something to make a difference.
And maybe we brainstormed for awhile.

I have the best friends.

Such. Big. Hearts.


Last year in my book club we read The Book Thief.

Twas good.

So on Thursday night we all met to watch the movie version.

Know what?
We loved it.
If you're reading my blog, you're probably the sort of person that'd enjoy it too.
Jus sayin'

I read a blog post recently and it got me thinking...

The blogger proposed that the single most important question you can ask yourself is "What if".
(It's apparently a writer's trick. If the story you're writing is lagging excitement-wise, then you propose the 'what if' scenerio... what if the protagonist wins the lottery? What if they go back to school...etc.)

What if your life is a story? 

“What if” you asked yourself a series of these questions? “What if” you got out a yellow pad and wrote down a few story turns that you could engage? “What if” you ran a marathon? “What if” you renewed your marriage vows? “What if” you quit your job? “What if” you brought home a puppy today? “What if” you and your family adopted a child?

If your story has gotten boring, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself the “what if” question.

That got me thinking. What 'what if' questions should I ask myself?

I have no imagination so I looked into the comment section of the blog post for inspiration. So many good questions there:

What if I moved to Haiti? What if I traveled the world? What if I forgave my dad? What if I told everyone I met about Jesus. What if I buy a rabbit? What if I move to Greenville? What if I change Bible studies? What if I lean into this relationship? What if I pull away? What if I change careers? What if I go to divinity school? What if I move home? What if I hike the Pacific Crest Trail? What if I actually practiced my beliefs? What if I moved to my parents basement because being single is lonely? What if I started a weekly potluck and invited the neighbors I don't know? 
What if I commented on this blog?What if I stepped outside of myself and loved more? What if I stopped allowing fear to stop me from living life to the fullest? What if I blessed others more? What if I didn't let my attitude determine the outcome of having a good or bad day? What if I traveled instead of just planning the idea of a great trip?

What if I woke up earlier every morning?
What if I downsized?
What if I spoke with boldness and courage?
What if I became a foster parent?
What if I jumped into photography full-time? what if I went back to school to be a counselor? What if I sold some of the property we own and retired early to start a business? What if I combined my art, photography, prophetic gifts, teaching skills, in a whole new way, whatever it is, to benefit the less fortunate and feed my soull? what if I was not afraid to answer my what if questions?
What if i actually started a campaign to end human trafficking in Liberal, Ks. What if I actually learned to be disciplined in my daily life? What if I stopped being bogged down by my insecurities and spoke on issues I'm passionate about? What if I quit just thinking about it and actually attended the Storyline conference
What if we pursued adopting a child from China? What if I actually just fully accepted God's plan and relaxed? What if we took a trip to Australia? What if we had a dog?
What if I finally get that puppy? What if I stop talking about starting a blog, and actually do it? What if my fiancee and I (or just me) stop worrying about our wedding and the future and get back to just loving each other? What if I dared to let God have control on the things I hold too tightly? But seriously, the puppy?

I'm going to think of some specific what if questions for 2014.
One will probably have to do with housing.
And one will have to do with buying a puppy.


My 'thing' for all things British/Irish/English?
Is not waning.

And Friday night's movie? Just fed that obsession.

(Yes, three movies in three nights. Quit judging me.)
But seriously. If you want to see a good movie (Rotten Tomatoes gave it 92%), I recommend this one. If it helps, it is inspired by a true story.

Know what? It's been a year.
I've been wrapped up in this UK thing for 12 months.

So, what if, in 2014, I lay this one down, and pick up another corner of the world to fall in love with? Or what if I carry on? And feed it? And go visit? (My mom said to me this evening, "Why don't you just move to Ireland?") (An extreme reaction, maybe?) Hahaha.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. LAZY Saturdays. I got out of bed at 3. Then went hill walking. I'm starting to enjoy it. Up hill one. Down hill two. Up hill three. Down hill three. Up hill two. Down hill one. I zig-zagged my way through the neighbourhood. Then I made supper for me n mom. Had a fun visit with my dad. And watched another disk of Friday Night Lights with my mom. Oh, and laundry. I washed my clothes. How's that for a mellow day? I didn't go shopping. I didn't go to a movie. I didn't even wear make-up.

2. People who have laugh lines and smile wrinkles.

3. And lastly, I'm thankful for the movie industry. I'm thankful that God gave some people the gift of acting, or a talent for story telling, and that He made some people really good at editing, while others are brilliant at directing.
And I'm thankful that lately, alot of the stories being told are based on real events. Or inspired by actual events.

Shalom, all.

And I was totally kidding about the puppy.

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Unknown said...

OKAY - completely stopped reading when you said you might get a puppy. REALLY - DO I EVEN KNOW YOU? and then..........after I opened this window I see that you were kidding about the puppy. Wow, that was close. I am going to go back and read the rest of your blog now because I am happy now.