Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Have Cousins. And Those Cousins Have Cousins.

And today I met with them for 42 minutes, between work and the Canuck's game...

This is my aunt and uncle. (My dad's bro and his wife). They had 3 kids (John, Ruth and Tim.)

John(ny) lives in Germany.
Ruth lives in London.
Tim lives in New York.

Ruth and Tim (and their spouses and kids) came to Vancouver for a visit.
This is Tim and his two daughters: Siri (4 and in kindergarten. German kindergarten) and Ellie (5 months):

Ruth is sitting beside Tim. And Tim's wife, Kiersten is sitting on the far left. Sad that I didn't get decent photos of any of them. Sometimes its easy to be bossy and say, "stand over there. I'm taking a pic", but sometimes it's not so easy.

There. That's a better photo of Kiersten:

In case you were wondering who those other three women in the photo are ...

They are sisters; Hildie, Annie and Suzie.
They are my cousin's cousins. (My Aunt Mary is their mom's sister.) They live in BC.
(So over the years, whenever our cousins came to town, our paths would cross...)

Lots of hugging goes on when cousins meet for their bi-annual 42 minutes of catching up.
Thanks, Ruth, for arranging the gathering.

Have fun in Vancouver. See you again in 2015.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Quiet day at work. A gentle way to ease back into it.
2. Family.
3. Safe travels for Drew and Danica, who are now at Sun Peaks.


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