Thursday, January 2, 2014

All right 2014 - Let's do it

What if?

Yeah, I'm back at that again. Writers use it (asking 'what if' of their characters) to make their stories interesting. (Like, what if she got bit by a vampire?) Screenplay writers use it to make movies more exciting. (Like, who is Robin Hood if Maid Marion dies?)

So, what 'what if' questions do we need to be asking ourselves?

What 'what if' question do I need to ask myself?

And the riskier the 'what if', the more exciting the outcome, no?
Like, 'what if I got up earlier every morning' doesn't make for an exciting change of direction in my life, necessarily, does it?

And what if I got a puppy, what if I supported more Compassion Kids, what if I stopped biting my nails, what if I continued walking everyday, and so on ... those are more like New Year's Resolutions, and not so much like examples of dramatic questions to ask in regards to the story of my life.

So what?
What if?

What if I stopped thinking about my next move? Like, Just. Stopped. Thinking about it. What would that mean? What would that look like?

And what kind of respectful Mennonite woman doesn't have a house to nest in?
What is wrong with me that I am not aching to have the picket fence and fireplace mantle?
How come I never got into canning, making jam, pickles or bread?

And who the heck am I turning into, anyways?

I will ponder 'what if' questions more in the coming days.


One significant change that has already taken place in 2014 is my hair.
Danica was aghast that I'd been using Herbal Essence on it for years.

My Christmas gift from her was this:

Hair product that will Change My Head.
I used it tonight for the first time ... and, well.  For sure, my hair is definitely softer. And man it smells so good. People are going to want to snuggle up close and just breathe into my hair. I just know it.


Said goodbye to these folks tonight:

Mom and I watched all 5 seasons over the course of this fall.
Friday Night Lights. It's about football and more. Way more.
I recommend it.


Speaking of my mom -

It's her birthday today:

Here she is with her two best friends, Anne (on the left) and Hildegarde (on the right). 

Thanks, Mom, for sharing your house and life with me. Thanks, mom, for being my cheerleader. Thanks, mom, for listening and caring and praying. And thanks mom, for living a life of integrity. Your dedication to loving dad well is inspiring. Thanks for being a role model for your kids and grandkids. 

I am proud of you.
And love you. 
Happy Birthday.
Let's celebrate on Sunday.


Speaking of Anne (above) - I am thankful for the gift her and Art (her husband) have given me...

I'll be spending the next few days in Parksville (never been before) at a timeshare resort, on the ocean with a friend. Aaaaack. I'm so excited. And grateful. And feeling lucky. And blessed. 

So far?

2014 has been pretty fine. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Flex Days. Taking my first one of the year on Friday. 
2. Another no-rain day. I walked 9k. And discovered that this song has the perfect tempo for my gait. Perfect. Like, I put it on repeat a couple times, because it is very satisfying to stomp your feet in time to the beat of a song blaring in your ears.

Also. This? This is a wonderful walking song. Although I have to learn to not flap my hands every time the back up singers croon and not raise my arm to do a fist pump at all the good spots. I grew up loving the original Queen version, but only have the Glee version on my phone. 

Oh, Corey. We miss you. 

3. And the third thing I'm thankful for? Generous people. Thanks, Art and Anne. Love you. 


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