Friday, January 24, 2014

Favourite Things

Hahaha -   I just noticed Lynne's current blog post is titled Favourite Things too...
Read her post first, then come back here.

I'll wait.

Go on then.

So yeah, I am that host.
About 18 - 20 friends are coming over on Friday night and we're gonna talk about stuff we like.  I CAN HARDLY FLIPPIN WAIT.

There's something about women sharing ideas that is just pure awesomeness.

Check back later this weekend to find out what products were being endorsed in Surrey...


Know what's weird?

Having your 19 year old son read your blog.

None of my kids have been interested. So I've written quite freely, knowing my boys aren't reading. (Knowing that NO boys are reading.) And then the other night, (I guess he was looking for something that would help him sleep), Drew started reading. And reading. And reading. Like, til 3 am. And that's when he texted me, wondering if I really knew how to cross-stitch...

People. My blog is not intended to be read like a novel. Haha. Poor kid.

I doubt he'll ever do that again.


Know what's awesome?

Walking with your niece for a couple hours. At night. In the dark.
She took me on a two hour loop that involved crossing over the freeway twice - once using the pedestrian crossing, and then returning on the 160th Street overpass. Good thing I had My Favorite Thing with me :)


Know what's exciting?
An upcoming initiative at work.
The first ads were designed today.

Not sure if they should be unveiled on pixnprose. That'd be kinda weird. A North American campaign first seen on my blog.

Yeah. Probs not. I'll wait til I can link to it from a legitimate source. *taps fingers. *looks at work calendar * does the math ...

OK, it's gonna take 3 weeks to get it up on Focus's website. And 4 weeks til you'll see the ad in Reader's Digest. Sorrrry. You're just gonna havta wait.


Know what's sad?

Drew's truck's transmission is shot. But he's been unemployed since November, so he can't afford to get it fixed just yet. I've lent him my truck and I'm driving my dad's pick up.

But it turns out that my truck, which had a clean bill of health at it's last check up 4 months ago, is doing poorly. (Head gasket is spewing oil, and exhaust system is leaking something, so the manifold needs to be replaced.) So, I'll have to take it in for servicing, leaving Drew with no vehicle.

But Danica was going to share her's with him. But then, while she was in Mexico, her car was borrowed and involved in an accident and it's not driveable, so hers is going in for repairs. And she has no vehicle.

And the pick up truck that I'm driving? Has the service engine light and oil light on, so I guess it too needs to get looked at.

And then?
On Tuesday?
Someone smashed in the window of Clint's truck AGAIN (3rd time in one year) (each time he was parked in different areas; home, work, and jobsite) so when he showed up for dinner last night, he was frozen.

Between me and my kids, 4/5 of us are having serious transportation issues.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The stars. Man. I just love the night sky.
2. Costco had bathing suits available today. $19.99 each. So I bought two.
3. The talented team I work with. Some days I'm just in awe.

Shalom friends,

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