Monday, January 27, 2014

So good.

So, the Favourite Things Theme has been big for me this weekend.

The party on Friday night started it off, and then the theme carried on brilliantly through Saturday and Sunday.

1. I slept/stayed in bed til noon on Saturday. So Very Much my favourite thing. You have no idea.

2. The sun was shining. Like, REALLY shining. Another very favourite thing. And the mountains looked glorious.

3. I walked hills for an hour. In the sunshine. Listening to good songs. Who would've guessed two months ago that this would become a favourite thing? No me. But I love it.

4. One of the most creative people in my life joined me for an overnighter at the lake. (She's currently writing what is going to be the world's greatest YA novel since The Outsiders.) But while she waited for her editor to get back to her with edits, she wrote this book with her husband:

which is available as an e-book ($2.99 on Amazon)
Jenn (her REAL name) blogs about this book, here, on her blog.)

So, yeah, I got to spend some quality time with my friend, Jenn.

5. She brought the entertainment because she has connections and very good taste. 
Her husband is in The Industry. He's an artist, who works as a sculptor on local movie sets. One of his projects was Man of Steel. (The latest Superman flick). So her and I watched it and she pointed out all the things he made. 

Can I tell you how awesomely fascinating it is to watch a movie with her? And hear her say,"Yeah, those chairs, extend up 20 feet, well past our line of vision. Those skulls, all over the floor? Gary made those. See that saddle that Russell Crowe is sitting on when he rides the dragon? Gare designed it." AND SO ON. She blogged about her husband's contributions to that movie here. Go on, have a read. In that blog post she also carries on about her love of movie scores, and more specifically, her appreciation for Hans Zimmer's contributions to the world of music. This line in her blog reminds me of my friend Marj's daughter:  

Thanks to the demigod we mortals call Hans Zimmer, Man of Steel has a FANTASTICscore. Oh, people, honestly ... if you're not listening to Zimmer, I'm not sure if we can continue this thing we call friendship.

And we also watched Welcome to The Punch, which is her most recent obsession. And no, it's not because her husband had any part in making it. It's just evidence of her good taste. :) I'd never seen it before, nor even heard of it, so I was going to watch it with no preconceived notions about it. 

Opening scene happens and I hear accents. 
Then I see London. 

"Uh, is this set in England?" I ask.
"Yeah. Is that OK?" 
"Hahaha. This crush I have on all things English is not ending anytime soon..." I observe. 

It was good. (Duh) Because of ...

James McAvoy (on left) and Mark Strong (on the right).
I don't really need to say more. 

6. Another favorite thing from this weekend? ANOTHER sleep in til noon day on Sunday. Seriously, if I invite you to join me, I hope you realize the gift I am giving you, in that you have the entire place to yourself in utter peace and quiet for a few hours in the morning. 

7. We walked in the sunshine. She with her camera (she's also a professional photographer) (I know! So much creativity in one person) and me with mine. 

8. Then it was my great pleasure to introduce her to Sir Guy of Gisborne. (Last year I introduced her to Mr.Thornton ...) She already loves him as Thorin Oakenshield.)

9. And then, on the drive home? WE STOPPED FOR AN IMPROMPTU PHOTO SHOOT. Be still my heart. Too much awesome in one day.

That's Jenn. And her camera.

She doesn't use the auto settings on her equipment.

Look how long and skinny my legs are. In the shadow. Babe.

10. And then? Tonight? After I got back to Surrey? 
Another walk.
In the light fog.
And it was magical. 

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Unknown said...

This post is magical. Thank you again, so, so much. I can't tell you how restored I feel today. And you're silly to say so many nice things about me. You really are a rare bird. I am the lucky one. Also, thank you for indulging my Mark Strong-Henry Cavill-Richard Armitage giddiness.

Thank you, friend.