Sunday, February 2, 2014

Go on a date, OK?

If you're married, you should totally 'date'. Like for realz.

Date that person you vowed to love, regardless.
Regardless of how you feel.
Regardless of how they look.
Regardless of the way things changed.
Regardless of how tired you are, how much work it'd take, how little money you have, how much you just don't want to.
Regardless of other plans, other interests, other people.


You should date because.
Because your kids need to see you date.
Because your friends need to see you enjoy your spouse.
Because your spouse needs to be dated.

And you should date because your marriage loves it when you two spend time together.

Focus on the Family is encouraging Canadians to date.
We'll even pay.

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Go here. Fill out the form today. And again tomorrow. And then again the day after that.
Good luck.

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