Friday, February 7, 2014

I am So Tired.

But happy.

I am here.
In the sun.
With friends.
Just hanging out.

Feeling spoiled.
And lucky.


Three things I'm especially thankful for:

1. This place. These people. This time.
2. The Olympics started tonight. I'm a fan.
3. I got fitted for 2 new bras. (Women will know what 'got fitted' means.) I haven't been able to take a deep breath since I bought them (seriously? They're supposed to be this tight?) But. Lace. And prettiness. (Side note: I didn't know the bra alphabet went that high. But in fairness, those cups are holding more than boobs. She gathered all the flesh from my armpits plus she pulled up one of my stomach rolls and tucked all that in there too.) (Personally, I think that's alot of humanity for those pretty cups to support.) But, lace.

4. I've been awake for 40 hours. And going to bed now... And THIS night? I get a bed to myself. My roommate/bedbuddy arrives tomorrow. And so if I want privacy I'll have to sit in the laundry room.
#bloggingfromlaundryroomtomorrow :)

I'll be updating photos to this online album daily.

Peace, friends.

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Unknown said...

So happy that you are having a great vacation. Hope one was turquoise!