Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Three Things

Three things that I'm thankful for:

1. Bras still work, mostly, even if one of the razor sharp underwires wiggles out and slices off your left boob. Sadly, without that wire, the left one is now resting on my left hip bone while my right one is up under my chin where it's supposed to be. But other than that, we're good. Also thankful that I still have one hour in the next 72 that isn't booked, so YAY, I can go bra shopping before I leave for Mexico.

2. So thankful for friends who are normal women. Like, who make meals. At 7:45 pm, after a day of work and an evening of attending to appointments, I arrived at a friend's place to help her with some pinterest questions. (Can I say again How.Very. Much. I love evenings like this? I know something! And I can show you how to know that something too! So awesome, this sharing of knowledge stuff...)
Anyway, I arrived and she was like a hostess; "Can I get you something to drink? A water?" (She knows me well.) "I've just baked, would you like some banana bread?" And then, the biggie ... "Have you even had supper yet? Want some roast beef and potatoes and carrots? They've been in the crock pot all day." OH. My. Sweet. GOODNESS. So yum. So exactly perfectly delicious. Winter comfort food at it's best.

How did I luck out like this? I've had three meals in the past two weeks prepared for me by friends. And I'm not sick or incapable or anything. Just awfully lucky.

3. And the third thing I'm thankful for? This one is always the hardest. The first two just flow, but the third one? Well, I feel pressure to finish strong.

Now your expectations are way too high.

Adjust them.


This last one'll be No Big Deal.


I'm thankful that Facebook is 10 years old. I've been on it for 7. (In my world, from my generation, I'd be considered an 'early' adopter.) As a way to celebrate this milestone, Facebook made 1 minute movies for everyone using this form of social media. They randomly grabbed photos we've shared, selected our top 3 - 4 'liked' statuses, added a few profile pics and made mini slide shows for us all. I love mine. It wasn't a comprehensive look back at the last 7 years, but it DID capture some of the highlights.

If you're not on Facebook, you can take a peek here. It's only a minute long. So, go on. Hava look.

Still thinking.
It looks like I joined Facebook in June 2007.
Interesting, because I started blogging in June 2004. My first 3 entries are here. It'll take less than a minute to read. I've become chattier over the years. Using more words to say way less.

AND, in June of 2012, I started using Instagram.

In June 2011, I became a pinner. On Pinterest.

And even though I've deleted the earliest tweets, I starting using Twitter in June 2010.

So it looks like June is a big social media month for me.
June 2014. What'll it be? Tumblr? I totally don't understand that.

What other corner of the internet should I claim for my own?
And why?

Do not say christianmingle.

Peace to you,

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