Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 (Updated)

First Currently of the Year

These are the things that I am:

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about,

1. I am currently obsessing over: 

  • Same old, same old. I'm expecting to become indifferent towards British things soon. 
  • But not today. I'm just getting started on BBC's Sherlock Holmes tonight.
  • I'm going on a vacation in a week, so I'm obsessing about pre-tanning, pedicures and packing. 
  • Our weather. I am in awe by how stunningly beautiful it's been lately.
Mountains and River Mist. My view on Friday morning from the kitchen. 

2. I am currently working on:

  • Speeding up my walking time. 
  • Learning Spanish.
  • That Spanish statement is not true.
3. I am thinking about:
  • Getting turquoise extensions in my hair for the summer
  • How very,very lucky I am. 
  • Families. And how important they are. (COME ON, I work at Focus. All we do is 'families'... )
  • Questions. And collecting some good ones. You never know when you'll have to start a conversation with someone new. It's good to have some amazing questions on hand to pull out when your brain freezes. 
  • People who are struggling with addictions and loneliness. And guilt. 
  • Money. And how much it costs to keep my truck on the road and teeth in my mouth. 
  • Age-ing. And how those years are done. I can never be younger than I am today. 
  • My kindle. And how it's quickly becoming my third most favorite thing right behind my camera and laptop.
  • A conversation I had recently with someone who has known me for a few years. This person knows my ex as well, and has known him longer. "You two were MARRIED? I just can't picture it. I cannot imagine you together. Whhhaaaa? How? It's just so unlikely..." Hahaha. I told him I think our kids have wondered the same thing at times. 
4. I am anticipating:
  • Sunsets like these, next week, when I'm back in Puerto Vallarta:

(Although we are staying on a golf course, not the beach, so there won't be water but does that matter? Not. One. Little. Bit.)

  • I am also anticipating a week of pure craziness before I leave because I have so much to do. Like transfer 18 months of photo files off my laptop and onto a new external hard drive so I have room for new pics. And why did I wait 18 months to do this? Because I am an idiot.
  • I am anticipating 7 days of telling myself off because I should have been dieting or SOMETHING because really, who wants to be The Fat One on a vacation with friends? 
  • I am also anticipating that my burnt bum will heal soon so I can continue with the pre-tan plan I have.
5. I am listening to:
  • Well. I'm at the lake, in bed, with my window open. So I can hear birds, and water. And not much else. I started this last night while watching Sherlock Holmes, so for awhile I was listening to cheeky British conversations while doing this. But to be honest, it was far too distracting. So I had to quit.
6. I am eating:
  • It's after 2 pm and I haven't gotten out of bed yet. I'm all snuggled up with my laptop, the TV remotes, and my phone.  The internet is just SO interesting today... 
  • So all that to say, I'm not eating anything. 
  • Yet.
  • But I stopped for groceries on my way here last night, and bought a peach pie and Hagendaz ice cream because earlier in the evening I saw Labor Day (the movie):

so there's a good chance I'll be eating pie and ice cream in the very near future. 
  • On an unrelated note (well, unrelated to the movie, but pertaining to the topic of food), I have developed a real fondness for hummus. With carrots. So I bought a bag of carrots and a thingy of hummus last night too. So there's that. And the chocolate bar in the freezer. And 2 Cadbury eggs. Because, hello. 
  • And this is why, if I invite you to join me at the lake, I always suggest you bring your own food. I am a retard when it comes to nutritious meals. Now that I'm not in charge of feeding anyone, I binge eat current food-loves. Like 2 months ago? I ate about 100 chicken and mango salads with poppy seed dressing. I'd still be doing it but Costco doesn't have anymore fresh sliced mango. Must be a seasonal thing. 
7. Things I am praying for:
  • Uh. I can't think about this quite yet. Now I've got pie and carrots on my mind. Might have to get out of bed...
I'll finish this later.

2 hours later ...

K. I'm back.
I ate All The Things.

(Might need a nap before I get this finished.)

7. Things I am praying for:

  • Well, this month, I prayed for my truck, and it was healed. :)
  • And I prayed for my (Favorite Things) party last weekend, and it went well.
  • And I've prayed for projects at work...
  • But mostly I've been praying for people. Sometimes it feels like meddling. You know, asking God to intervene, or bless, or call, or woo, or heal, or protect, or provide for, not only the people I love but some I don't even know... and it's been a joy watching how He answers. 
  • Most days? I simply pray His will be done. 
  • The Olympics are taking place this month, and I've been praying for the Christians and the churches in Sochi. I'm trusting that they'll be participating in The Party in a tangible way during the two weeks that the athletes are in town. I'm remembering when the Olympics were in Vancouver and how safe and fun it was, and am attributing it to the way so many churches volunteered to be in the city to hand out hot chocolate at Sky Train stations etc. Maybe I'm just naive. Whatever. Praying that God's will be done in Sochi during the Olympics. 
  • Also? While I'm praying for cities? I'm also lifting up those cities in Brazil that will be hosting the World Cup in June. Brazil is expecting to receive 600,000 visitors during the sporting event, with many of them using the services of child prostitutes. News reports here. And here. God's will be done in Brazil. 

8. I am reading:
  • Jenn's book: Must Love Otters
  • Recommended by Maureen: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
  • In anticipation of Book 8 in the series and the TV mini-series this summer: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon.(Speaking of Diana, she's in Scotland right now, watching the series be filmed and lucky enough to have a 'walk on' part with two lines.) (Can I say I am loving the peeks into the process that the production company and it's stars are giving us along the way?) Oh. Maybe I've mentioned that once or twice or a hundred times already?
  • Also reading Grace Lives Here
9. I am happy about:
  • Spending the weekend alone at the lake. (I've soaked in the tub three times already. Haha.  Oh I miss having a soaker tub. Plus, there's the No make up. And the wearing of minimal clothes. And the freedom, with no one observing or commenting on, my strange carrot and pie diet. And of course, there's the peace that comes when spending time only the company of oneself.) 
  • I am happy about Shannon's engagement. 
  • I am happy that Danica's car situation got sorted out, and that she ended up with a better car than the one that was totalled. "All things work together for good ..."
  • The opportunity I had this week to work with Clint on one of our Focus projects.
  • Drew being employed again.
  • Max's plan to go to school this fall.

10. I am remembering:
  • a year ago when I arrived at the lake and found that someone had broken in. 
  • and I'm remembering back to all the good times I've had in this place. 
11. I am wishing:
  • for something magical to happen this year.
  • that God would surprise me.
  • that Brenda would get a miracle.
  • that God would place his angels on the rooftops and at the doorposts of my kids' homes. May they feel loved and at peace in their living situations. I pray that evil will not enter their dwelling places. And that they will be sources of light to the people they live with. 

And that's it for this month.

Thanks for being nosy.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1.Upcoming movies, like Noah, Son of God, Irreplaceable, Walking with the Enemy, Edge of Tomorrow and The Fault in Our Stars ...

2. Generous Friends with vacation residences. I Am Lucky.

3. That my dad was hardworking and wise and generous. And that my mom is the perfect partner for him. 


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