Monday, February 24, 2014

Pray for Brenda

I just read Brenda's journal entry this evening:

"As I head into my lung biopsy tomorrow morning, l have lots of emotions and feelings. Earlier this week I mentioned that my earlier biopsies were inconclusive and so we made the decision to try one more time. One repercussion of this procedure is that I am not able to do anything for a period of time and literally grounded until the lung heals fully. Knowing that fact caused me to pause, when making the decision. 

The motivation for moving forward with this decision has to do with the course of chemo treatment that is recommended. One chemo option is clearly better in terms of side effects than the other. Here is why. Only 10% of people with lung cancer are 'never smokers'. I am a never smoker...well...except for a couple of puffs when I was in grade eight (it didn't go well, and thus ended my short-lived smoking habit). I digress. Of those ten percent, 40% have a mutated version of the cancer. If the cancer I have tests positive for a mutation, the chemo treatment is in pill form and has fewer side effects. If I am in the 60% category the chemo treatment suggested is much more troubling. Most medical people pause long and hard over that treatment. It might be my vivid imagination, but it seemed that my oncologist wanted to avoid discussion when I asked her what she would do if she was in my place. She advised that we take it one step at a time. And that is why we made the decision to go with another biopsy, knowing that each test and procedure forces another decision."

If you're the praying sort, could you join us in praying for Brenda throughout the day?
Let's pray:

  • that God's will be done.
  • that His purposes will be accomplished.
  • that Brenda would be filled with His perfect peace.
  • that her recovery from the procedure would be inexplicably quicker than expected. 
  • that she would experience a pain-free day.
  • that God would send a few of His angels to hang around with her during the day, keeping her safe from anxiety, sad thoughts, worries, fear, travel delays, and scheduling mishaps.
  • that her companion for the day is equipped with patience, wisdom and humor as they commute back and forth to the hospital.
  • that her family would feel peace, knowing that God's got this. 
  • that somehow, God would surprise Brenda tomorrow. In a way that brings her joy.
  • that when the day is done, she would be able to sleep soundly, knowing that she is loved deeply by her Father. 
  • and that when the conclusive results of the biopsy are made known, we will all say, to God be the glory, GREAT things He has done. 

(Brenda's mom, Anne, Brenda, Shari, and Ellie.)

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I am so thankful we can pray about things. And that we're praying to a God who listens, cares, and responds.

2. I am thankful that it only snows 3 - 4 days (at the most)  per year here. It's pretty and all, but, I'm not a fan. I've felt housebound all weekend long.

3. Thankful for random texts from a friend, letting me know she'd just been praying for my kids.

Peace, friends,

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