Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Lists - After 72 hours of The Stomach Flu

Things I am hungry for:

  • Bacon (medium fried), eggs (over easy), hashbrowns, and white toast (buttered lightly)
  • Turkey and avocado sandwich on toasted sour dough
  • Heather's Roast-Beef-in-a-crock-pot meal
  • Mom's leftover roast turkey gravy on macaroni
  • My (ex) mother-in-law's warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies
  • My (ex) mother-in-law's lemon meringue pie
  • Julie's chicken noodle soup
  • Two hot dogs; Maple Leaf (regular) weiners, boiled. Soft, fresh, white Safeway bakery buns.
  • Maxine's pulled pork. And her Caesar salad. With home-made dressing.
  • Granny's chocolate cake's white icing
  • Granny's ButtaZup
  • The stew Clint is making in his crock pot tonight. (He just called from Safeway, wondering what flavoring I usually add. That's his thumb:)

Books I forgot to mention that I read in Mexico:

Fascinating true story of a woman who was kidnapped from her backyard as a 4 year old, SPOILER ALERT (don't read further if you think you'd like to borrow the book) then dumped deep in the jungles of Columbia where she lived with monkeys for 5 - 6 years. She was rescued by poachers who sold her to a brothel. She escaped a year later only to be held captive by a notorious mafia family until she was rescued by an elderly neighbour at age 14. 

WE HAVE NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT PEOPLE. We? Have lived blessed lives. 

My friend, Jenn, wrote this book. And it takes place in BC and she mentions the Canucks. And whales. And our shoreline. And our maple-scented $100  bills. It's chick lit and pure fun escapism at it's finest.

Things that a sick person really wants:

1. Blue label Sun-Rype apple juice (I walked up to Nester's Market today and bought THE LAST ONE IN THE STORE.)
2. A dark, quiet room
3. A comfortable bed with fluffy bedding and a heating pad. And a fan. Because the heating pad makes one uncomfortably warm.
4. No one making them feel guilty for spending the better part of 72 hours in bed.
5. No one making them feel guilty about not caring for anyone else's needs.
6. A dark, quiet room. I may have mentioned this already. But it's kinda key.
7. A clean toilet to puke into.
8. Easy access to said clean toilet.
9. No fried food smells. Because. Gag.
10. Permission from their boss to be sick. To be gloriously sick and not worry about the thousands of emails in their inbox.

I am a #luckygirl. First time that I've ever been this sick and had all ten things.

(Haha. I've just had the FLU. You'd think I'd been fighting the plague with all the drama.)

Based on Dooce's latest blog post, Ten Things That Bring Me Joy:
(not in order of joyness bringing)
1. Sunny days, spent outside, walking or tanning or reading or floating or talking.
2. Clear starry nights.
3. Capturing happy moments with my camera.
4. Receiving a call or text from one of my kids. Speaking of which, I got a Valentine text from Clint on Feb 14:

5. Walking. By myself. Or with a friend. Either/or. I'm easy. (Wait a minute. Did I just tell the internet I'm easy?)
6. Long, deep, meandering, exploratory conversations.
7. Church services where the music makes you want to cry or dance and the message stirs your heart and mind to action.
8. Watching my boys grow into the men they were created to be. (Speaking of my men, Max mentioned on Sunday that the NA community in New West is growing like crazy. The meetings for those in recovery are so well attended that they're breaking fire codes for maximum attendance. So. If you're battling with drug or alcohol addiction, and you feel alone in your struggle, get yer arse over to New West. Thousands of folks are loving life, clean and sober, and you need to be a part of that.) (Yes, you.)
9. A good hair day.
10. Time spent next to a body of water. Ocean. Lake. River. Stream.
11. Experiencing, or hearing about, or seeing prayers being answered.
12. Clearly I can't count. I'm at 12. This exercise was supposed to stop at 10.
13. Looking at my tanned hands. Hahaha. I love tanned hands. Especially when the process of getting that tan was So Much Fun.
14. Reading good books, watching amazin' movies and hearing fabulous music.
15. Getting a head massage from Danica.
16. Daydreaming (or anything, really) in bed on weekend mornings.

K. That's it. I probs could think of more, but thoser the ones that came to mind immediately.

Things that have happened these past few days:

1. Outlander is being featured in TV Guide:

2. Canada's got 18 metals in the Olympics. We are in 7th place behind Norway, Germany, US, Russia, Netherlands and Switzerland. I tired watching Women's Snowboarding yesterday but got dizzy and nauseas watching them sway back and forth through the gates.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Ate some toast and tea and DIDN'T THROW UP.
2. Kind emails from work, allowing me time to recover if necessary.
3. Tulips and Cadbury eggs from my mom this afternoon.


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