Saturday, February 22, 2014


So after laying about for 3 days, I hauled my 80% recovered body into work on Thursday morning.
(You'd think that after 72 hours of not eating and mostly puking, I'd be skinny, yes? Not true. I weigh exactly the same as I before I started the whole Flu Project 2014.)

Still suck at trying to get a full face selfie.

Know what else?
I work at The Best Place. 

When I walked in?
Hoping to sneak into my office with my arms full of crap?

Someone saw me and said, "Yay! You're back!"
And then the whole team (editors and designers) cheered and clapped. 

Oh man.
I was so embarrassed. I couldn't even look up. Just kept my head down and slunk into my office. 
I do not handle attention very well. 

I picked the absolute worst 72 hours to stay away from the office. 
So many last minute, unexpected, rush projects that needed to be dealt with this week. Everyone pitched in and did bitsnpieces of my job. And they did great. Really amazing. But they shouldn't have had to deal with uploading files to ftp sites, creating PO's, managing the proofing process, talking with clients or vendors....

So thankful that there's a culture of teamwork in our department. Thanks, Josh, Michelle, Inca, Erin, Vania, Braden, Cara, Amy, Cathy and Subby for being awesome. 

I am so lucky.


I have ADD this evening, I'm going to be hopping all over the place. Sorry about that. I just have So Much On My Mind. 



I'm thinking of going to Creationfest West this year.
Location has been changed AGAIN. And sadly it's not back to the Gorge. 
(Bucket list item: see another concert/festival at Gorge before I'm really too old for this sort of musical nonsense.)
(Also, seeing I'm recording bucket list items here: see a concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre  in Denver.)

(I just checked their concert line up for 2014. Anyone interested in seeing James Taylor? or The Colorado Symphony? or a Tribute to Abba (Hahaha. THAT would be fun), Chicago & REO Speedwagon (Hmmm, flashback concert. Could be awesome...) or Jack Johnson?) 

Creationfest is way east this time. In the Tri Cities, like farrr out at the other end of Washington. I've never been. So maybe I should? When I googled to see who the bands they had lined up so far, I saw that there's a CREATIONFEST UK!

Creationfest UK!
Hahaha, how incredible would that be?

And the location?
Only my favoritist corner of that country.

I just checked, the only artist that I'm familiar with that they have lined up is Ben Cantelon. Which, well, is funny. He's from Langley. Like, his parents lived two blocks away from me in Murrayville. Our world? Is small. 

And so far, I don't know any of the speakers. 

So. Probably not. 

But while I was thinking about going, for like, 10 seconds, I also thought about Harold Fry and his unlikely pilgrimage. ...

... and I mapped out his walk. From southern England to the north. 
And fantasized for about half a minute on how fun it would be to follow his path. Not walking, but a road trip. A road trip with lots of stops. 
(New bucket list item: go back to England for an extended vacation. See more of Cornwall. See more of the North.)

Hang on a sec. My feet are on fire. Is this an aging thing? Because it's killing me to have my feet in shoes at work this week. Seven days in flip flops and I can't adjust back to this climate? What?

K. That's better. 
(If I ever get married again, my future bedpartner will never have to worry about cold feet on the back of his thighs.) That might be something important to mention. Could be a deal maker/breaker?)

Getting back to my bucket list item re: England. I started following someone on Instagram who has been taking absolutely STUNNING photos of St. Anne's Pier. So now I want to see that too. 

And then, thinking about Harold Fry and his trek, I was reminded of another book our book club read, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society...

... and if I DO go back to England someday, I think I should go to the Channel Islands for a quick sightseeing side-trip as well. I have a feeling it'll feel like being on Vancouver Island. But I could be wrong. 


Where was I?
Looking into the lineup for Creation West THIS summer. 

And lookee here. A new-to-Creation entry: Need To Breathe. 
While I've been blogging, I've been listening to them. (And while it's likely taken you 3 minutes to read this far, it's taken me about an hour to get this all down.) Links. Images. These things take time. This? Is not a half-assed blog post. You are getting All the bells and whistles. 

In case you're interested, these are my favorite three NTB songs ATM. (ATM= At The Moment) (You're welcome.)

Go on. Give them a listen. 
Just one? Do the last one. 

I think seeing them might be worth the drive. And the camping experience. 
If the Passion team are the closers, then, it just might be a done deal. We'll see. 


By the way, (before I close the YouTube tab) this is still my favorite song this year:

I must've hit repeat at least 20 times in a row this afternoon while the late afternoon sun was streaming into my office. My office windows face west. So everyday, I get see the sun set. How perfect is that?

Today I needed to see it a little more upclose and personal, so at 5, when I left work, instead of heading north to go home, I turned south, racing towards the ocean to see the sun before it sunk into the horizon. I was late by about 5 minutes, but it was still stunning. 

I just sat there.




I just sat there. And looked. 

Maybe I said a few words to the One who painted it for me...

I just happened to have my camera with me because, oh yeah, this was a little bit cool ... now that David doesn't work at Focus anymore, I was asked to do a photo shoot this morning. Doug had heard that I took pics. So, I brought my camera to work. 

We have a photo studio. 
Like, a real fully stocked studio, for taking pictures. 
With a white backdrop thingy. And professional lights. And props. And equipment. 

Of course, I don't know how to use any of it. (But then, no one else does either. So, maybe I could learn?) Anyway, I was so addle-headed this morning, I couldn't even get my flash to slide onto my camera. I suck. So bad, I suck. 

We took a few shots on the white backdrop, but because he was wearing a white dress shirt, it looked like a floating head:


So we moved over to the Creative Department and I had him stand in front of our blackboard. I took off my boots and jumped up onto the couch so that I wouldn't be taking pictures from under his nose.

Then, for variety, I had him stand in front of the brickwall, in the stairwell, beside the closet doors...
All in all, a fun five minutes. And really. What the heck do I know about head shots? NOTHING except don't point the flash directly at the subject. And try to be taller than them. And pray that I get at least one usable image. 

I did. 
So that was good.
Thank you God.

Anyway, because of that I had my camera with me today. 

At the beach. 
Just being.

Hi God.

This is pretty. Like, really, pretty.
I love what You do with colors.
I love that You save the prettiest sky for the evening. It's my best time of day too.

I'll just be quiet for awhile. K?

(OH MY GOODNESS. You know how earlier I said that I was following a photographer on Instagram? Well, I finally had the guts to comment on one of her amazing images, and just now, like right this second, my phone buzzed and gulp. She 'liked' some of my Mexico pics and even commented on one.

I just had a hot flash.

My feet are really on fire.

I have to go turn on the fan. Hang on a sec.


I friggin love the way the internet makes the world so small.
I respect her work, SO MUCH and well, I feel like an adolescent fangirl right now.

It's like when Diana Gabaldon responded to my tweet.
I never expect experts to be real. I just plop them onto pedestals and assume their lives are too. Just too everything that's not normal.

Anyway, that was a little bit of unexpected excitement. Yeah, it's a slow Friday night.)

What were we doing?
Oh, yeah, the beach.

Thank you.
Thank you for looking after the people I love.

Can you keep doing that?
Thanks for keeping them safe, and providing them with work, friends, purpose...

Thank you for this life.
I feel so rich most days.
I know it's all a gift from You, so thanks. Alot.

God, can You give an extra measure of courage to those folks who are struggling with drug or alcohol addictions? Open their eyes to the options they have. Bring friends into their lives who will invite them to join AA or NA. Create in them a desire to go to the meetings. Provide them with a hand-picked sponsor who'll walk alongside. Enable them to imagine a happy, fulfilling, fun, purpose-filled life without drugs or booze. Introduce them to a community of recovered addicts who are inviting, happy, employed, and encouraging. God I pray that You would be at work, making sure Your purposes are accomplished. 

I know that You've gone ahead. You've got things and people in place. And I know that You are able to do far more than I can imagine or ask for. 

God, thank You that Max is part of an amazing recovery community. You are at work in New West, and I praise You for that. Could you give them wisdom as they seek larger venues to hold their meetings in? Could you open doors wide for them? Could you continue to do miracles through NA/AA? Not just in New West, but all over the world? You know which cities I have a heart to pray for... God please also do in other parts of the world what you're already doing just across the bridge. 

God? People I love are hurting. They are grieving the loss of loved ones, they are scared about their kids, they are struggling in their marriages, they are missing someone who's left, they are tired of being alone, they are gutted because of the decisions their children are making, they need satisfying work, they need a miracle regarding their health, they can't climb their way out of depression, they have been hurt too many times, they ache for peace, they long for love, they just want to be happy...

God. There's just so much pain out there, you know? 
Can you do something about it? 
Can you use these feelings, these circumstances, can you use this grief and fear, can you use All Of This for Your purposes and Your glory? 

Can you redeem our messes and make something beautiful out of it? 


I pray, again and again, Your Will Be Done. 

I pray Your will be done in my life. 

And Clint's life. 
And Max's life.
And Drew's life.
And Danica's life.
And my dad and mom's life.
And my extended family's lives. 

And him. His life too.
And her. And her. And them. And him too. All of them, God. May Your will be done. 

Because in the end, that's all that matters. 

Umm God?
There are a couple of actors on my heart. You know who they are. Could you handpick their next projects? And those production companies I've been praying for? Is there a way You could ensure their latest films do well at the box office? And get good reviews? And could You provide them with some amazing screenplays for upcoming projects? God, we need You to be active in this industry... I hope You love meddling with the creative arts. I think You must. Creativity was Your idea in the first place. You gave those writers the gift of writing. And the marketers a business sense. And the actors the gift of acting. And the camera guys the gift of making magic with a lens. 

So go at it.
Just do amazing things this year in the movie industry. And television too. Both here, in Vancouver, and in Hollywood and in England. Aaaack. I'm excited to see You at work.

And, while I'm at it. I have some writer friends. Could you, like, provide them with wisdom during the editing stage, confidence during the writing stage, and experienced help during the marketing stage? Could you provide them with encouragement when they need it, and affirm their gifts when doubt sets in? 

I've spent the evening listening to music. Thanks for creating that. Thanks for gifting people with amazing voices, and talented hands and whatever else one needs to make good sounds. Thanks for giving so many people the gift of music. I hope you are well-pleased when you hear it. 

And lastly, again, I'm praying for those folks I love who don't know you. Could you be right in his face? Overwhelm him. Don't stop wooing. Be totally irresistible. Love on him so hard. Use everything, absolutely everything in all of creation to communicate just how very much You want a relationship with him. Surround him with people of Your choosing. Send messages of hope through the most unexpected sources. Be very personal. Speak clearly, and enable him to hear Your voice. Open his eyes. Enable him to see You at work. And while You're at it, might as well be at work on his best friends too. Call them all. And his family. He's going to need a community of believers to be a part of, I trust You've got that covered.  :)

Send your angels to stand guard on his roof and protect his front doors. Do not allow evil to pass.God I pray that his home would be a refuge where he would experience Your great peace. 

God, for those that are struggling to surrender, well, please be patient with those stubborn ones, don't give up on them. They need you. You may have to shout to get their attention. Go ahead. 

Thanks for not getting weary. Or fed up with the rejection or indifference. Thank you for loving us more than we deserve. 




Did you know that the pope has a twitter account?
Russell Crowe just invited him, (the pope), via twitter, to see his new movie, Noah, suggesting he'd like it.


Seriously. I friggin love the internet. 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. There's a jar of peanut butter right beside me. And I might be a little bit hungry. Handy.
2. The internet. Duh. 
3, Answered prayers. So many of them. 

Peace, friends.

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