Saturday, February 22, 2014


What a difference one day makes.

Yesterday? The beach.
Today? A blizzard:

It's been snowing all day.
Still is.

I've been holed up inside. Doing laundry. And cleaning my room (FINALLY unpacked my suitcase) and cooking. Yes. I made a meal. Tuna casserole. It just felt like a tuna casserole kinda day.

Know what? If I don't make plans, I don't do anything.
So very weird to have a dead-empty weekend.

The front yard is pretty. I live in the back/basement part of the house. Where its Narnia:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. While I'm a little bit sad that I don't have my truck right now (in The Game of Musical Trucks, Drew got my tuned-up, winter-tired, 4x4, so he would have reliable transportation for work and 'boarding. I am driving a bald-summer-tired two-wheel-drive pick up with no extra weight in the bed) I am glad that Drew is safe on the roads.

2. And even though *I am not a fan of snow, I am thankful that we are getting a dump of it so that Drew and Danica can get some use of their Christmas gifts from me - Yay for season's passes to Seymour.

3. And I am thankful that the organization I work for is passionate about families. I am too. I think they were a clever idea.
If you're a calendar type of person, mark May 7th down as the day to see this movie:

Don't miss it.

Shalom/Peace friends,

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