Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Usually when I need to speak to him, I stand in the doorway of his office and he sits behind his desk. Our conversations last 30 seconds, at most. (I'm very efficient at work.)
But last Friday, I caught him just as he was leaving, so for 30 seconds he looked over my shoulder, in his doorway, while I asked for clarification on a document.

Business done, he walks toward the exit, and I cross the main office to go back to my area.
He calls out, just before I turn the corner, "They are right. You DO smell good."

I pause.
Then turn back.

"They're right. You smell nice. What IS it?"

I am horrified.
People (which people?) are talking about how I smell? What. The. Heck.

He's waiting for an answer.
"Well?" he asks.

"Uh, I dunno? A girl? Who just got back from Mexico?"

I didn't give that weird conversation much more thought.
I guess if people want to talk about me, my smell is probably a safe enough topic.

And then today I was at devos for the first time since Feb 6.
And there on the wall in the staffroom, was this:

It is a 'YOU ARE LOVED' poster, with a heart for each one of us. 
And randomly, I guess, people write down descriptive words on each other's hearts. 
(I was away, then sick, then the snow ... so I missed the details. Obviously.)

This is what 5 people said about me:

Which, is kinda funny, because for years, (all of my kids's neverending teenaged years) every single time I would react to, say, a suspended license, or a failed test, or failed course, or the police showing up at my door, or one of them smoking on my back porch, or taking drugs or getting drunk, or you know, turning my life completely upside down, they would look at me, and say, "Calm."

Just one word.


And then I'd go ballistic. 

I always knew, deep down, that I was a calm person. 
It was my kids that pushed all the 'not-calm' buttons in me. 

Put me in a professional setting with respectful, talented, awesome, hardworking men and women and I AM ALL ZEN-LIKE. 

And the reason I smell nice?

Amazing Grace.

And Mango.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. ABSOLUTELY stunning day. Drove around Langley for an hour after work and just took pics of the sun setting. (Check out my instagram page for a few images.)

2. Dinner and chat with a friend after that. I  love how happy she is. 

3. Focus President asked if I'd take pics of The Board next week. GULP. I'm the photographer now? Could be fun... Definitely going to have to learn how to use all that equipment in The Studio. Hahaha. Funny where life takes ya. 



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