Sunday, March 9, 2014

Did it.

We made it through the dark season.
(And, *I personally, only remember having two rough season-related rough days.)
Whoo flipping HOO.
Bring on Daylight Savings.
One of my most favourite days of the year.


I predict that I'll be reading a record number of books this Lenton season.

Just finished another one:

Jill Davis? The author? Was nominated for 5 Emmy awards during her six years of work as writer for David Letterman. So you know she's witty.

The thing about writers, good writers, is that they, not only are, or, should be good story tellers, they should also have a deep understanding of human nature and relationships. I want to be entertained when I read novels, but I also want to learn something. I want characters that are not stereotypical, but ones that have a bit of depth. I want characters that surprise me with their insight or their actions. I want to see something broken get fixed in a believable way. This book mostly did that. Plus it made me smile. So yay.


It rained like stink around here on Saturday.
But I went for a walk anyway.
And, well, I didn't enjoy it much.

Even with an umbrella and 4 layers on, I got soaked.
Grr. So not a fan.

When I got home, I received a surprise text from Marj, wondering if she could join me at church later. Heck yeah.
I love sitting next to someone I know at church.
And I particularly love sitting next to her because she always gets emotional at the same spots that I do.

Afterwards we went to the new mall so that I could buy some blank DVD's.
Then we went to the busiest dessert spot In The World where I snagged the last table and set up my laptop and started duplicating DVD's (pics of our trip) for her while she stood in line for 17 hours to get our desserts.

She mentioned that she was having trouble organizing the photos she was transferring from her (older) desktop to her (newer) laptop and that just sounded like:

  • a cry for help
  • the most fun ever
So we went back to her place and organized her photos. 

Oh yeah. I bet you can hardly wait to turn 50. THE PARTY NEVER ENDS. So Many Fun Things. All The Time. 


And today? 
It Did Not Rain.
Exclamation mark.

So I went for a walk. 
By myself.
Around the neighbourhood. 

And then I ended up at the freeway. So I crossed over. And started walking down a really cute path:

This instagram pic has been #mextured. fyi

But after 15 minutes that path felt too 'romantic' to be walking it alone. So I turned around and looked for another trail. (I was wandering around the Serpentine River Walk area.)

Yup. Mexture app. LOOKS WAY BETTER when viewing it on your phone. Add me: @pixnprose 

I found a paved walkway that went up to 176th, and hundreds of families (all with assorted wheels; bikes,trikes, strollers, roller blades, scooters, skate boards, and wheelchairs) were enjoying the warm afternoon on it.

So I walked with them.
And spent most of that time talking to God.
You know. About Really Important Things.

I'd like to think I was listening more than talking, but let's face it.
I talk.

Hope He didn't mind, me chewing His ear off, for like, hours.

Because in the end, my little afternoon stroll, ended up taking 4 hours.
I miscalculated a few details when I started out. And in the end, probably walked a million miles today.

My legs? Were not particularly happy with me.

I was accompanied with old memories while I walked around that paved path. I used to do that exact walk when I was a teen. Mark and I would take that route (it used to be a 'backroad', between 96th and the freeway), to walkntalknstuff and we'd end up at the corner market on 176th, where I'd get a chocolate bar or an orange juice drinking box. Thirty two years later and I'm back on the same road, walking in circles.

I may not see the signs, but I remember.

When you're 19 and you're walking the backroads with your boyfriend, you don't imagine being a 52 year old, walking The Exact Same Street by yourself.

Sunday afternoons mostly suck.

(When I got back from Mexico, and after I got over The Big Sick, I met up with various friends, one at a time, for coffee. I heard "Do you know how many people are jealous of your life?" over and over again. I thought I'd post today's reality for those of you who are thinking that being divorced, having 3 independent sons, and living in a bedroom in your mom's basement is something to be jealous of. Yes. I have no responsibilities. But yes, I am alone.)

I also know this stage of life that I'm in is just a season. Like the winter, and it's not going to last forever.

I don't know what my future looks like, it's still a blank canvas - but I have a feeling there will be bursts of color 'n warmth ahead. So that's good.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Legs that carried me home, despite being angry.
2. Longer evenings. Bring it.
3. This song.

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