Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a good day looks like:

According to the weather app on my phone it was supposed to be sunny this afternoon, so Terry and I took our cameras and our sneakered feet to White Rock to walk and watch the sun set after I got off work.

Sad for me; I didn't have a memory card in my camera so I was stuck using my phone to record the sun's descent into the sea. (Well, ocean, really. But 'sea' seemed a better choice for that sentence.)

After it was good and dark, we headed over to Starbucks for coffee. Only we both don't drink coffee. So I got a water. And she got a tea.

But first we rummaged around Chapters, looking at books. She bought 3. I did not.
I'm not buying another book til I finish reading the ones I bought LAST SUMMER. And the ones I bought the summer before that.

We paused to check out the home accessories items, as you do, and she sniffed the candles, naturally,
"Oh, yum," she sighed. "This smells like a clean, handsome man."
"Really?" I asked, all interested. It's been 126 years since I've smelt a clean, handsome man. I leaned in for a whiff. It was a pleasant odour. Men have gotten better smelling over the past decade.

Wondering what that delicious scent was, I nosed around til I found the packaging:


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who have nothing to do on the first Monday of Daylight Savings.
2. Videos like this that just make me smile. And maybe cringe.

3. Books like this (yes, I just finished another one this evening):

Scott was/is the lead singer of the band Creed. This book is his story. 
Oy. I tell ya, addiction is a heartbreaking decease. 
And AA/NA are amazing communities of healing. 


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