Monday, March 24, 2014


And with that, the first weekend of Spring is over.

I wasted it.
Coughing and blowing my nose.
And aging.

Seriously. My face has aged 20 years in the past two weeks.

After a lovely evening at the beach on Friday, I was hoping to get outside again on Saturday but it rained. All day. So I stayed in. In bed. Like a cow.

(When did I get old? Like, how come it's taking so friggin long to recover from a stinkin cold?)

Saw Divergent on Saturday. (Danica and I had read the book last year, and we both wanted to see it. Stop judging me.)

Can I say something?
I'm a little bit sad that girls in today's young adult fiction have to be so bad-ass. So tough. And strong. Physically and mentally. 
They go head-to-head with guys in physical combat and are expected to win. 

What does that say to our daughters?
And what does that say to our sons?
Is this the role model for what girls are supposed to be?

(After watching that oh-so-terrible movie about Jane Austen's world of women on Friday night, the difference between what young women were 'supposed' to be like back then, and now - was drastic. One hundred years ago it was all about needlepoint, posture, pouring tea and playing piano. Now? Is it really about defence, strength, self-reliance, toughness?) What character traits are important to young women these days?

And that? Is the extent of any deep thoughts I had this weekend.

The sun was back today, gloriously, so I went for a walk. And I needed a nap and an oxygen tank by the time I made it to the top of my first hill. Oh my goodness. All the wheezing. And subsequent coughing. I am a mess. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. It's just a freakin cold. I will recover.
2. Fun week ahead.
3. Even though I totally crashed and burned with the whole lent thing this weekend, I can always start again in the morning. 


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Tricia said...

No judgement here since I too read the book, and saw the movie. Megan and I watched that horrible Jane Austin movie too. Have you ever watched the British mini series, "Lost in Austin?" We enjoyed that.