Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting in the Easter Spirit.

Six of us went to see Son Of God this evening and I really, really wanted to love it. (The movie, I mean.) (I already love the Son of God - Jesus...)

And it was fine. OK. Alright, even. But I wasn't moved to tears. I didn't feel anything. And I know they were trying. They were hoping movie goers would be profoundly, eternally impacted by the experience.

Maybe folks who don't know Jesus at all, were impacted more heavily by His story.

But I'm wondering if all the dots were connected? Like, if you don't know the whole gospel story from years of Sunday School, was it clear WHY Jesus died on the cross? Do people know He did that for our sins? So that we could go to heaven?

I'm glad I saw it, regardless of it's impact on me personally. We are in the midst of Easter season - and I am participating in Lent this year. So it just felt right. I was where I was supposed to be tonight.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Late night online chats with cheeky friends.
2. Grilled cheese sandwiches at midnight. I am always going to be a fat cow.
3. Friends who invite you over for 'sleepovers' on school nights.

Peace, friends.

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