Saturday, March 15, 2014


Not much going on here.
(In case you were wondering.)

I finished reading another book:

And I didn't LOL. Not even once.
Which was disappointing.
Maybe it's because nothing is surprising anymore?
We anticipate that Grandma is going to get herself into a pickle?
We know Stephanie is going to have conflicted hot feelings for both Ranger and Morelli. No comment.
We know her car is either going to get blown up or creatively destroyed.
We know Lula is, well, Lula.
And we know Stephanie will almost die 10 pages before the books ends.
We DIDN'T know about the giraffe, however. So. There was that...

And I went to the beach (again) on Thursday night. (For those of you keeping score, that makes it twice this week. Monday and Thursday). On Monday, you might recall, I lost my camera's only memory card before getting there, so my iPhone captured my only sunset pics of the day.

On Thursday, I stopped in at Best Buy to buy a 32g card before picking up Andrea and heading south. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in as we were driving and the beach was grey by the time we arrived. Also unfortunately I didn't check my battery before I left. And it died 20 minutes after parking.

Nevertheless, we walkedntalked and went out for ice cream so the evening was not a waste.

Time spent with friends is never a waste.

Same with time at the beach.

They sure have prettied up the pier. It's not the dock of my youth.

Some of the best things about time spent with friends?
Learning about their favorite apps.

I got two new ones on Thursday night:

  • Pacer ( a pedometer) HOW COOL IS THAT?
  • Camera + (adds a few bells and whistles to yer iPhone camera)

And then my camera died and I caught a chest cold.

I've been in bed since, coughing and hacking.

The end.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All three kids are doing stuff they love. Stuff they're good at. Purposeful stuff.
2. Colds do not last forever. In the meantime there's extra strength advil.
3. Clint's doing some work for a TED speaker this weekend. (TED's in Vancouver right now.)
Unrelated to his gig, but TEDdish anyway, is this. Their selection of the TOP TEN ADS.
My fav's on that list?

About moms:

and this one about guy-friendships:

and this one about analytics:

and this one about beauty: (When did you stop thinking you're beautiful?)

LOVE all those ads.

I haven't watched TV, in like, over a year, so I don't see ads on a regular basis. I'm thinking I should get a TV JUST FOR THE COMMERCIALS.

And, while not really an ad, I LOVE THIS. My expectations are high, West Jet, for my next trip:


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