Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursday. Still My Favorite Day of the Week.

(Although, to be honest, Saturday has the potential to take over the top spot ... what with all that slow-mornings-in-bed-and-long-walks-in-the-afternoon business.)

But for now, it's still Thursday.
And today was a particularly good one.

He's three years clean today:

And I am so very thankful.

I was at a meeting with him tonight. He was one of many who were celebrating 'fob-able' clean times (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, one year, 18 months, multi-years...) and the room was packed. Plus it was also a cake night for a fellow who was celebrating his (second  time at being) one year clean. So much energy in that space.

But also so much pain. Someone in their community, who was trying to get clean, (a dad who had two daughters) OD'ed and died 48 hours earlier. His brother, a recent recovering addict himself, transparently shared his anger and sorrow. Young moms shared their regrets about lost years with their children. And the shame. Oh, the shame and disgust that ruled their lives for so long.

And there were moving stories of hope and transformation and the miraculous way that God is at work.

I teared up over and over again. So much loss. And so much gratitude. So much raw emotion. So much encouragement. Max's share ended with, "if you're struggling with addiction, and you're new to these rooms, keep coming. Reach out to someone. There is no judgement here. This community cares, and you can't do it alone. Talk to someone. Be real."

Dear God,
Thank you for NA. Thank you for the community that Max is apart of. Thanks for hearing their cries for help, and for bringing hope and healing into their lives. Thank you for the miracles that they know you are doing in their midst.

Please don't stop. Keep on. They need you and they need each other. Thank you for the raw, real ways their share their lives. God I pray that you would bless them as they transparently talk about their recovery. God I pray they would find relief from the demons that haunt them as they surrender to you and the 12 step program.

And God, if there are people who are struggling and just need to be invited, or need a push to go, please make those arrangements. Make it happen. Inspire people to push and pull hurting addicts to the meetings.

Give moms who have kids using drugs the hope that help is available. Give folks who are married to drug addicts hope that life can get better. Give those that are trapped in addiction the courage and desire to ask for help. Prepare the NA and AA communities around the world for a huge influx of new members. Soften our hearts towards those who have the disease; remind us to pray for them, and to come alongside.


Three things I'm thankful for:

2. Clear biopsy report for me.
3. Job promotion for Drew.
4. Amazing opportunity for Clint last week re: TED.


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