Friday, April 11, 2014


The trouble with having an unplanned, totally refreshing, completely required nap at 7 pm is that you're WIDE awake and very alert at 2 am.

I feel asleep at 7 on my bed, under my blanket, fully dressed and woke up blistering hot at 9 pm ready to party. Or something.

I went for a walk. To the top of the hill. Then back to the house. Repeat 2 times.

And watched a new episode of Elementary with my mom.
Then spent too many hours poking around Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. One day I will figure out tumblr. Because I don't waste enough time on social media.

I like to think I'm being educated.

This, for instance, is fascinating and horrifying:

It's how people build communities in other parts of the world. For example, this:

 In the center of Caracas is the Torre David, a 45-story unfinished office tower that was in the midst of 
construction until the developer died in 1993, followed by the crash of the Venezuelan economy the following year. About eight years ago, people started moving into the abandoned construction site, and today it is considered the world’s largest vertical slum.

World's largest vertical slum. If you click on the link you'll see how it's inhabitants have made this 'home'. Not only their individual suites, but the entire building.

Or this:

In the center of Lagos, Nigeria, is Makoko – a community of approximately 150,000 who live and work on stilted structures, just meters above the Lagos Lagoon.

Puts living in my mom's basement into perspective.

Also, coincidently, this also grabbed my attention...

Why did I love this?
I loved that she is passionate about her job.
I'm impressed that despite being a socialite she was/is the New York City Planner.
I'm in awe by the difference she made in her hometown.
I can learn from watching the way she approached her challenges.
I am a huge fan of watching people do their job well.

Which is why I also liked this:
(His job is to paint signs on the road. I love the way he and his partner do it quickly and confidently.
I'm a fan of teamwork and competence.)

I guess that's it for now.

So not tired.
Maybe I should go wash my hair. I've got some new products.

Tomorrow is going to be whacked.

Three things I'm thankful for:


2. Chicken, mango, avocado salads.
3. I had to think today at work. You know, figure something out. Using my brain. (No wonder I was exhausted...) and I made a break through. I know how to move forward with a budget issue. Big happy sigh.
4. And tonight. While waiting for pics to upload for this post? I figured out how to make that playlist on youtube that I've been going on about for the past few weeks. Yay.


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