Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today's Theme

This afternoon's song on repeat?
(Yeah, just one today.)

Was this one:

It took two or three times on repeat before I kinda fell in love with it.
And then I did. And I fell hard.

Just watched it again - I especially like the wedding scene at the end.

It makes me long for summer. When everyone knows magical things happen.

And I am remembering bonfires of my past. And the conversations around them.

And I have a hankerin' to have a dance on the deck at the lake.

And then, late in afternoon, I went over to the CCR department to double check some details and guess what they had on the floor in the middle of their cubicle configuration?

A campfire:

And it just confirmed in my mind and heart that my bonfire themed day was divinely arranged.
And it must meaaaaaannnn something.

Just kidding.

But I really am looking forward to the summer. Like, with all my heart and feelers.


On a different note, the Ultimate Warrior passed away today.
I'm not sure what he looks like. To me, he'll always look like this:

or this:

He was roughly the same age as me. (Just like James Gandolfini was.)
That feels weird.

Also in the news today, Trevor Linden became the President of the Canucks.
I've been a fan since he was an 18 year old rookie playing for the Canucks.
Way to go, Trevor. Looking forward to watching your leadership skills transform our team.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Another amazing Spring day. SO pretty.
2. Friends who don't mind walking with me. And listening to me talk. Talk on and on about my unknown future. Where will I live? What kind of mother-in-law will I be? Why? How? On and on I blather...So thankful for the patient people in my life.
3. Hoodies.


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