Friday, May 30, 2014

And I call myself a blogger? Pfft.


How often do I even blog anymore?

Or walk?

In the olden days (last month), I'd walk 10 hours per week.

This week? NOT ONCE. And I can't blame the rain. Because even though the forecast was for one whole week of rain, it hasn't rained during walking-hours.

Instead of walking'n'talking? I've just been talking.
Monday night at Book Club. OH MAN I LOVED our book. (What Alice Forgot.)
Tuesday night, dinner and a movie with friends-from-fiteen-years-ago. (Go see Million Dollar Arm. Baseball story based on a true story. Very satisfying flick. Trust me.)
Wednesday night, FREE TICKETS to an advance pre-screening event with Max to see Tom Cruise's new flick (in IMax 3D: Edge of Tomorrow. Sci-fi adventure with Emily Blunt.) Good fun. If you like block-busters with many shooting/fighting aliens special effects, you'll probably enjoy this one. And if you're a fan of Tom, Emily, Bill Paxton, Jonas Armstrong or Brenda Gleeson, you'll probably love it.

And tonight? I'm stretching myself beyond my stretchability to produce a slide show for a wedding on Saturday. Yes, oh yes, this feels very last minute. I'm still waiting for photos. And I have no idea how I'll add music.

Just realized I have a head ache. And it's 1 am. And I have to wash my hair.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Still 28 hours before the wedding. Fingers crossed.

2. God is still in the business of healing the broken-hearted.

3. Just when I decided I'm tired of chicken, mango and avocado salads, I remembered that I like spinach, strawberry and feta cheese salads. Phew. Hahaha. This is why I haven't blogged. I've obviously run out of deep thoughts.


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