Sunday, May 25, 2014

It Stopped Raining. So We Went On a Vacation.

Friday afternoon text messages went something like this:

Me: You busy tonight? Wanna see a movie? Godzilla. Million Dollar Arm. Railway Man.
Her: You pick.
Me: K
Her: Meet for dinner first?
Me: K. I think I feel like a Disney flick tonight.
Her: K.
Me: BP @ 5:30?
Her: K
Me: It's stopped raining. Should we go for a walk instead?
Her: It's a healthier choice. Where?
Me: Along a body of water. A seawall walk.
Her: Vancouver? Tsawwassen? Point Roberts?
Me: Steveston?
Her: K.

We got there at 7 pm.
(Thank goodness it's still light til 9. I friggen love this time of year.)

And we started walking.
Then whooosh. Just like that (*snaps fingers) it felt like we were on vacation.
No, for real. Seriously.

We both had memories of the Cotswold's as we wandered around this picturesque town. (So if a holiday in England isn't in your budget, an evening in Steveston is the next best thing.)

Irises in front of an old church, now a Thrift Shop

CUTE shops. Lots of them.

Statues outside The Cannery

Another Friday night. Another map. Hahaha.

Unexpected fields of lupine in the meadow. 

Bike paths around the point.

A romantic place to kiss. And kiss. And kiss. (This particular kiss? Lasted forever and ever. I think he must've just proposed.)

Half hour later, they were still entwined. 

This in particular? Reminded me of the lavender fields in the Cotswold's.

The moors. 

Farm lands. 

Lupine. Acres and acres of purple drifts.

Bike and walking path along the dyke. 

Fields of buttercups. 

Looking west into the sunset. 

The wharf. For fish n chips. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Spontaneous plans that turn out fun.
2. Friends who like to live in the moment.
3. Purple flowers.

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