Saturday, May 24, 2014

Such a fun week.

Short weeks are the best, no?

Tuesday evening a friend and I went for a walk and ice cream at Crescent Beach and it felt like summer. Twas awesome.

Wednesday night, a couple friends and I drove over to UBC/Regent College to hear JI Packer talk about Holiness Today. He's 87 years old. A bit of a legend. This is the gazebo outside the chapel:

On Thursday night a couple friends and I did some photo stuff for an upcoming wedding. Her patio is awesome. And she makes delish desserts. :)

And it rained today, so a friend and I were planning on seeing Godzilla. But at the last minute the sun came out, so we drove over to Steveston. There is a field of wild lupine in the meadow and it felt like we were on a vacation in the UK. Somewhere in the Cotswolds maybe?

All that, plus I read two books when I probably should have been sleeping:

I may write more about them later, but for now, I'll just say I'd recommend them both.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Long evenings and mild weather and good friends to do stuff with.
2. Books that captured my imagination.
3. It's only Friday night - this weekend still has two days in it.


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