Friday, June 20, 2014

It. Is. Pouring.

And it sounds wonderful.
I love it when it rains. At night. And I'm at the lake.

Saw Chef yesterday:

It ended with a "happily ever after" ending, so if that's important to you, you'll like it.
If you can't handle hearing the f bomb dropped a gazillion times, you'll hate it.

My movie-watching partner gave it a 4/10.
I was more generous with a 6.8/10.

My take aways?
1. Social Media. It's here to stay. Figure it out. Work it.
2. Boys want to be part of their dad's lives. And want their dads to be part of their lives. This means hanging out. Living together. Just doing stuff.
3. Men need jobs/careers where they are respected. They are happiest/most content when they are in their 'sweet spots' - doing exactly what they were created to do. A man who is successful at making a living when he's following his passions is a joy to be around.

So go see it. Or not. Up to you, really.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. It's raining. I'm in my bedroom at the lake, listening.

2. On Sunday night while I was feeding mush to my dad, everyone else in the dining room was eating ham and scalloped potatoes. My craving for ham and potatoes surged. Val invited me for dinner tonight, and when I got there (late, by two hours - there was an accident on the #1) she had saved me a plate of ham and potatoes and my favorite strawberry and spinach salad. #feeling spoilt.

3. And then, after this guy went to bed,

we sat on her porch steps and talked. And talked. And talked. After we engaged in our annual hug and confirmed our love for each other, sigh, I left, all teary. #feelingblessed

Shalom friends,

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