Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long(ish) Weekend

For some, here in Canada, it's a long weekend. An extra-long weekend...
Canada Day is Tuesday, July 1.
Alot of folks are taking/get Monday off.

I am working. Until 3 pm on Monday.

I could have taken a flex day, but, uh, I had nothing to do. And no one to do it with.
So once again, this year, I'm saving my flex days for something awesome, and will probably end up having to use them for doctor appointments or Christmas shopping days in December.

I suck at long weekends.


I'm at the lake for one night.
It feels like home.

And yes, I know how lucky I am to have this place.


Have you seen this?

It made me tear up.

Is it a bad thing to be 'like a girl'?

Is it a bad thing to be a woman?

To be feminine?


From Anne Lamott's status on Facebook today:

On grief:

... crying is the most healing thing of all: it bathes us, hydrates us, baptizes us, waters the ground at our feet ...


Saw this photo that a Diana Gabaldon fan posted; it's of her husband holding their brand-new daughter, while reading an Outlander book out loud for his wife. All through the pregnancy they read the books out loud...

... and I found that to be terribly romantic.


And that's it fer today.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. That I have a queen size bed. So many things to sleep with:

2. Thankful for electricity. And electronics.

3. Thankful for fans. 


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