Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Walking. At 9pm. (On the 2nd Longest Day of the Year.)

There have been alot of days lately where I am totally overwhelmed by the beauty around me. City-style beauty.

Seriously. We live in the prettiest corner in the world.

Some days I just feel terribly thankful:

And with that, it seems like it's time for a list.

A list of things I'm thankful for...

1. I am thankful for summer, and everything that comes with it. Warm days. Long evenings. Warm nights.

2. I am thankful for Vancouver. The people. The parks. The walks. The water.

3. I am thankful for friends who have husbands who go fishing, or work night shifts, or work out of town, or are glued to the TV. I am thankful for friends who like to do things.
With me.

4. I am thankful for communication and conversations and friends who ask deep questions and expect deep answers.

5. I am thankful for friends who love to laugh and see nothing but positive outcomes. I am thankful for friends who enjoy living.

6. I am thankful for friends who pray. Pray for strangers, pray for famous people, pray for cities, pray for events, pray for my prayer list. 

7. I am thankful for green grass, green leaves, green moss. Green is a great color.

8. I am thankful for blue. Blue water. Blue skies. Blue eyes. Blue? Is a very good color.

9. I am thankful for weekends. Days of rest. Days of not-working. Days of Sabbath and slothfulness.

10. I am thankful for my legs and feet. Neither of them hurt. Two years ago? So much hurt. Now? Everything has healed up. It's a grand thing.

11. I am thankful for lacy bras more in the winter than in the summer. Way too bumpy under t-shirts. 

12. I am thankful for hope. There's always a chance things will be different. Always. Just because it's true today doesn't mean it has to be that way tomorrow.

13. I am thankful for seawalls. I think they are my favorite place to walk. So flat. So scenic. So perfect. So photographic. Such a friendly place.

14. I am thankful for the people I work with and the people I work for. Feeling awfully lucky in the whole job thing. 

15. I am thankful that I live with someone (kinda) who doesn't mind walking late at night in the rain. Mandi, I'm gonna miss you when you move. Pleeeeease don't go.... :)

16. I am thankful for blow dryers. I don't like thinking about a world without them.
And curling irons. People like me need to bend our bangs.

17. I am thankful for creative people. People who are creative with hair, words, pixels, lumber, paint, fingernails, bricks, plants, film, video... all of it. Just in awe of creativity.

18. I am so very, very thankful for night time. I love everything about it. The quiet. The moon, the stars, the entire night sky. The stillness.

19. I am thankful for razors. How did  people women shave their legs in the olden days?

20. I am thankful for avacodoes. Quickly becoming one of my favorite foods. Texture. Color. Flavor. All just excellent.

21. I am thankful that I am not in 2012 any more. (I just read a few blog entries from June/July 2012. Oy vey.) Thankful for time. And how it moves forward. Always.

22. Thankful for the Bible. I know its getting alot of heat lately, but I still believe that God speaks to us through it.

23. I am thankful for computers. And how they make my job a breeze. And how they enable us to communicate with each other, easily. Almost effortlessly. 

24. I am thankful for memories.

25. And songs from the '70's.

26. And baby powder.

27. And waves.

28. And the ability to make plans. And make things. And make changes. And make things right if you've screwed up.

29. And I'm thankful for young love. And new love. And old love. And for people who hold hands. 

30. And I'm thankful for inspiring people. And encouraging people. And friendly people. And people who smile with their whole face.

31. Also, I'm thankful for dentists. And doctors. And all the poking they do.

32. Also? Pretty thankful for smart people.

33. And I'm thankful for maps. And order. And layouts. And places.

34. And I'm thankful for this past weekend. And I will be just as thankful for next weekend.

Thank you God, for it all. Help me not to take it for granted. Amen.

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