Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where Were You Five Years Ago Today?

I was on an afternoon cruise around Manhatten with my boys, where there was some talk of rumors that Michael Jackson had died.
Hours later, when we were in Times Square, it was confirmed.
Michael Jackson was dead.

New York was abuzz. Every store, every car's sound system, every public music device ... the whole city was playing MJ's songs. It was quite something.


I woke up to this, this morning:

and then I got in my (dad's) truck and drove to work.

An hour later, I borrowed Kim's van and drove the designers on my team to Hemlock Printers in Burnaby for a tour and lunch.

I don't think I'll ever understand the printing process.
I have been immersed in this world for 18 months and I still don't get it.

I suck.


I think some sand got into my camera this weekend. It is a painful grinding sound listening to the poor thing trying to auto focus.


When I got home from work, it was 23 degrees. So I ran downstairs, removing clothes as I bounded the stairs. Had my bathing suit on in 10 seconds then spent the next hour asleep on the deck.

(Growing up, I heard over and over again how much I was exactly like my mom. But in this instance, I am very much Pete's girl. I remember him coming home from work, stripping down to his underwear, (on really hot days) and sleeping on a lounge chair out past the gazebo on the lawn til supper. Yes. I totally was raised by a redneck.)

At 8, Heather and I went for a walk. On my way to her place, I stopped to take some pics of weeds.

(Because they were stunning with the sunlight shining on them from behind.)

And when I got to H's, her cat was waiting for me.
(Yes. I took some pics of a pet.)
(This will not become a habit.)

They just put in a new deck. And Val, these are those tiny lights I was telling you about. So awesome. When you're married to an electrician, you can expect to have cool things like this added to your new deck:

On our way to Tynehead's trails, we stopped at the neighbourhood pond to check on The Fish. It's still there:

I feel I should mention what I was wearing.
Too lazy to change out of my bathing suit, I left it on.
And pulled on a pair of fake yoga-type capri/stretchy pants and just tucked my boobs into the waist band. Then added a spaghetti strapped tank top to the ensemble. Socks and runners completed my look. With no pockets, I ended up tucking my phone into my bathing suit top, right on top of my left boob, giving it a rectangular profile. My $5 bill (to be used later for the purchase of water) was tucked on top of my right boob.) And I held my camera in my hand.

Clearly I was not anticipating running into any candidates for the role of Husband #2 this evening.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. It was still 20 degrees at 10 pm. This? Is summer.

2. The designers seemed to have really enjoyed themselves today. Glad I could arrange today's 'field trip' for them. So Very Thankful that Kim was able to lend me her van.

3. Just watched Ocean's 11. Thankful for movies.


Can I recommend a good read?
THIS blog post. Read about Walt and Charlie.
Inspiring, yes?
(Coincidently, I am reading a Walt Wangering book at the lake this summer...)

When you forget, you start falling because this is the thing: All the brokenness in the world begins with the act of forgetting...

Our actual theology is best expressed in our actual hospitality.

How we open up our calendars and our doors and our schedules and our agendas and make room for people, because this is how we make room for God.

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