Saturday, July 19, 2014

Husbands Who Travel ...

...leave behind women who are free to play. With me!

I am thankful for friends who's (whose?)  husbands go out of town.

Because of weekends like this one.

A (potentially) wet weekend at the lake with 172 DVD's, 6 bags of groceries, a ton of paper to be sorted (her) and a computer full of photo files that need culling (me).

After a dinner of salads (gag) we moved right into our snacks (Chocolate, me) (raw dates and coconut, her) while watching our first movie of the night: Pitch Perfect.

I smiled (when I wasn't cringing) through the whole thing. There's just something about watching teamwork and creativity that I absolutely love. Like, alot.

It's inspiring, no? To watch a group of talented, enthusiastic people come together to create something magical ...

Especially musical, dance-y people. I am such a fan. 

Every time they mashed a new song, I quickly found it on Youtube and added it to my playlist.


Me: I wonder if there are acapella competitions in real life?
Her: Uh
Me: I'm googling it.
Her: And?
Me: YES. ICCA. Regionals in Oregon in January.
Her: We need something to look forward to. Let's go.
Me: I'll get on the email list.
Her: Maybe google past events. See if any of the acts are on Youtube. We don't want to waste our time.
Me: Right. But if they're good, we totally should go.

We sang along to every song (she with a voice that sings. Me with a voice that talks low) and got up to dance/get more snacks when we couldn't sit still (her with a body that moves easily. Me with one that is more self-conscious and stiff.)

Me: You know how in Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow Bill and Tom use the repetitiveness of their days to learn something? Like how to speak another language or become a great soldier? I think I should take advantage of my days' repetitiveness and learn how to swim. If I take lessons and practice everyday, I bet in ten years I'd be able to swim.
Her: It wouldn't take ten years.
Me: It probably would. I don't like getting my head wet.
Me: Or. I'd like to learn to dance.
Her: That's a better idea.
Me: Like, not professionally or anything. But I'd like to be able to move my body to a beat. Be loose. Free. Confident. And not look dorky. I want to learn some moves.
Her: Line dancing. Choreographed dancing. You should learn that. It's the best.
Me: Yeah, like 'be a part of something'. Everyone doing the same steps and I would be a part of the 'everyone'.

We put in our second movie of the night, The Best Marigold Hotel and settle in to watch kids at the other end of the age spectrum.

Me: I don't want to end up like Maggie Smith's character.
Her: Me either.
Me: I think I want to be like Judi Dench's character. Inquisitive. Friendly. Open to new experiences and new friendships. Remind me.
Her: K.

And then, half way through, the movie stopped. It Just Got Stuck. We restarted. We took out the disk and cleaned it. We blew in the Blu Ray player's opening. We tried everything. Finally we gave up.

Her: Do you have a Blu Ray player in your room?
Me: Yeaaaah.
Her: Let's try it on that. We can watch on your bed.
Me: Yeah, sure. (I said casually, like it's everyday I have someone relax on my bed and watch TV right beside me, possibly touching.)
Her: I'll get my contacts out and grab my pillow.
Me: (to myself) This'll be fun. Lookit me not being a wreck.

We set it all up and settled onto our respective half's of my bed.
I was doing this.
July 18.
Big day for me.

I am a moron.

And then the movie got stuck again at exactly the same spot, and we couldn't advance it past that so we gave up.

Such an anti-climatic end to our movie-watching day.

Will move on to Call the Midwife, Season 3 on Saturday. And maybe some Russell Crowe flicks. Possibly New Girl, Season 2. Walter Mitty. X-Men.

It's gonna be a fine weekend...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Youtube. Hava listen:


3. Music

4. Talented people

5. Creativity

6. Time

7. The Internet

8. Texts from my kids. Well, not all texts. But ones that say, "love you", for example.

9. Hope

10. Toe nail polish

11. Memories

12. People who share their stories

13. People who share their passions

14. Kindness

15. Birdsong at twilight

16. Breezes

17. Shared joys

18. Patient people

19. Words

20. Buttered popcorn

21. Ice water

22. Frozen chocolate bars

23. Raspberries

24. Potpourri

25. Green

26. Blue eyes

27. Plans

28. Forgiveness

29. Friends

30. Music:

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