Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Random bits from the weekend and beyond:

We’re both sitting at the table, dealing with files, (hers are actual - mine are digital) both of us wearing ear buds listening to our own playlists on our respective laptops. She’s at a Passion Concert, lifting her hands and singing worship songs with a bunch of Pentecostals. I’m in an Irish pub humming along to Galway girl.

We both take off our ear buds at the same time.
“We need to go to a Passion Concert,” she says.
“We need to go to Ireland,” I say at the same time. 
“OK," we say in unison. 

Have I mentioned my leg?
I think I snapped something in the back. Like, in my calf. I can bearly walk.
I checked online and either I am going to die in a few minutes of a blood clot or I will be forever lame because I’ve torn a tendon. Walking, not a sport for wimps.
Also, my dentist called. I need gum/bone surgery in my mouth.

Aging: the fun never stops.


Its only when you spend a lot time with other women that you notice (or its pointed out to you) how very 'different' you are from 'normal' women. 

For example:
(Well the biggest examples are, hello? Normal women are married. And don't live in the basement of their parent's place. But, in addition to that, there are other things I do that make me unlike most women...)

I like using tea towels as dish cloths. They are more efficient. (Use the largest tool for the job. A couple swipes across the counter, and you're done. None of this going back and forth a million times ...)
Most women, apparently, prefer small dish cloths, that when scrunched, fit entirely inside their hands.

I like keeping the dish soap under the sink. It's not a decorative item, it doesn't belong on the counter. Also, those Costco scrubby things with suction cups under their handles? I prefer to keep mine inside the sink when I'm done. It's not decorative  - why have it on display, upside down, on the edge of the sink?

I am a minority in this matter. 

And in others, as well.
Like, the smell of fresh basil? GAG.

Cilantro? The entire world’s most popular herb/flavor? NOT A FAN.

I think I'm going to make this a regular feature. 
The Minority Report: an ongoing list of all the things that make me unique/different/totally weird. 
Maybe it will help you feel less alone in your own individual quirkiness. 


On Sunday morning, instead of my usual sleeping-in-til-my-body-wants-to-get-out-of-bed routine, I set my alarm so that I could meet my kin and take some pics.

My dad's side of the family grew by one this week, and I was going to hold her...
Nothing like a newborn in your arms. NOTHING.

Meet Sadie Elisabeth:

These be my people:

My dad's brother, his son, his grandson, his great grandchildren. 
(In case you were wondering.)

And then it was my turn:

Happy sigh.


Today after work, my mom and I went looking for a vehicle for her ...

I sent the following text to Drew:

And then a few hours later, while we were at our first dealership, the conversation continued:

Then my sister texted me wondering where mom was.
"She's with me. We're sitting in a Cadillac."

Sent her this pic:

Drew arrived before we signed any sales agreement ...

... and made a few suggestions that were helpful.

We drove through a few more car lots then went out for dinner.
We were all in agreement... car salesmen are a breed unto themselves. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. New babies.
2. Time spent with my boy.
3. Happy surprises.


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