Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Monday? The holiday?
Was hot and sunny.
Just the way I like 'em.

This is where I sat:

This is my spot in the lake. I just put my lawnchair right in the water, grab my book, and get lost in the wonder that is summer for a few hours. These are perfect conditions.

Some friends came up with their picnic lunch. After eating it on the deck, they swam out to the floating dock where they enjoyed their version of perfect conditions:

And my boy:

By 4 pm, everyone was gone.

I puttered around, did a load of towels, turned on the dishwasher, had a shower and couldn't bear the thought of getting dressed.

So I put my bathing suit back on, and sat on the deck, reading and writing and daydreaming, til it got dark.
I think, given the right conditions, I would spend my entire summer in a bathing suit.

Alas. I am employed.
So I did put on clothes this morning, and drove in to work from Cultus. It was hard to leave. Five days off just wasn't enough. Sigh.

Later this evening, I went to 'my' other happy spot - White Rock.
(I have logged in a lotta time at that beach.)

I was here last week with a friend who'd only been here once before, a long time ago.
Tonight I was back with another friend who hadn't been here in three years.

I introduced them both to Moby Dick Fish 'n Chips.
Which we ate on the lawn overlooking the beach.

And then we walked along the promenade towards The Pier.

I took pics of wildflowers (aka Weeds) every few minutes.

(The sun was lighting them, just perfectly. They were begging to be photographed.)

See what I mean?

Mount Baker was looking spectacular.
As usual.

And then we got to the end of The Pier, where this couple was in the midst of an engagement photo shoot.

(I think, in a few year's time, he's going to regret his color choice for shorts.)

And then we turned and faced west.

She had put her camera away.
Me: Pull out your camera. Take a pic.
Her: I don't know how you get good pics. I don't know what to do to get one like that.

Me: You point. Then click.
Her: I dunnnno.
Me: Try it.
Her: Click.
Me: Lessee. How'd it turn out?

Her: (surprised) Good! Look!
Me: Told ya.
Her: How'd you know?

Me: Because I know that I can only see only bits of  light and a few of the colours. The camera picks it all up. It processes things we cannot see with our eyes.

Her: We only see part of the story. There is way more that we can't see.

Me: Yup. I trust my camera to 'see' what I can't. I trust my camera to see the whole picture.

Her: There's a sermon in there.
Me: Preach it.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who preach.
2. A camera and a God who see more than I do. Thankful that they're both trustworthy.
3. Warm, slow, kind, fun, summer evenings.


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