Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Post's Pics and Prose Have Nothing in Common:

I took some pics, the other day, of the cute amusement park at Cultus Lake.
And I visited my dad tonight.
This post? Is a mashup.

Me, entering his dark room: Hi dad!
Him, lying in bed, listening to the Jukebox Oldies on the TV: OH! Hi!
Me: How was your day?
Him: I have no socks on.
Me: I see that.
Him: I want my socks on.
Me: Alrighty then. I'll find some for you. 

Me, as I put his socks on: There. Does that feel better?
Him: Yes. 
Me: It's hot in here. You sure you want socks on?
Him: Yes, I like having socks on.
Me: Have you had supper?
Him: Yes. Have you?
Me: Nope. Not yet. I came straight from work.
Him: Do you live by yourself?
Me: Nope. I live in the house that you built. With mom. 
Him: We don't charge you rent do we?

Me: No, you don't. You spoil me.
Him: That's good.
Me: I'm lucky. You are a great dad.
Him: You're not married?
Me: Nope.
Him: You're all alone?
Me: Nah. Well, a little bit. Should I get married again, do you think?
Him: Maybe. 
Me: I've been divorced for over 15 years ... 
Him, with his eyebrows up in his hair line: You HAVE? It's been THAT long?
Me: Yup. 
Him: I gave my life to the Lord when Billy Graham and Johnny Cash were friends.
Me: Were they in Vancouver?
Him: Yes. At the PNE.
Me: And you went?
Him. He had a good message. So I believed. 
Me: I'm glad.
Him: And Hank says, "Klaaaaasen, You're SOMETHING else!"
Me: Well, he's right about that. You are something else. 

Him: I've got nothing to complain about. I'm not sick. I have no pain. I've got a good wife. And I've got good kids. I don't like coke. Or beer. You used to like chipsandacoke.
Me: Yeah, that was when I was little. I don't drink coke anymore. 
Him: I like Baby Duck wine and tomatoes and cuc's with salt.
Me: What else do you like?
Him: I like Hank Snow. I used to dance around the pool table on the farm when Hank Snow sang. Schulzie was here today. He was wearing shorts. 
Me: Well, it's hot outside. When I get home, I'm going to put in shorts too. If we brought you your white shorts would you wear them?
Him: It's hot in here.
Me: I know. Do you want to wear shorts? We can get some for you.
Him, looking scandalized: I'm 78!
Me: I know.
Him: Too old for shorts!
Me: Really? 78 is old?
Him: I'm an old man. But I'm not going to die. Schulzie goes camping.
Me: He does?
Him: What time is it? Shouldn't you go have supper?
Me: It's quarter to 8. Yeah, I guess I should go. Should I leave the music on? Or do you want it off?
Him: Off. I'm going to sleep. Goodbye.
Me, kissing him on the forehead: I love you dad.
Him: I love you too.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. He loves me and isn't charging me rent. :) I won the Parent Lottery, and have been the recipient of selfless generosity. Oh that I pay it forward. 

2. Praying, for me, is like taking photos. I take 1,000 photos in one evening, knowing that at least 10 will turn out good. I pray non-stop all day long, knowing that at least 10% of what I ask for will be in line with His will. At the end of the day, the odds have been in my favor - some decent pics and a few answered prayers. 

3. Tuna casserole. I'm done with salads. 


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