Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Please. Get help.

Robin Williams died today.
He committed suicide.
I ache for his family.
And am afraid for the people I love who struggle with depression or addiction.

Know this.
You were created for a purpose.
And you are loved.
Is a new day.
Please don't give up.

Ask for help.
The world needs you.

There is so much pain right now, no?
I was just trying to wrap my head around the Palestine/Israel conflict when my attention got moved over to Iraq. Has the world gone crazy? Is everyone nutters?
I opened up a few news stories on Friday afternoon, despite the 'graphic content' warning and felt sick. Headless children. One pic was of a father holding his daughers's body while her head was at his feet.

I can't imagine.
My heart breaks for all those who are suffering.
I ache for families that are being ripped apart.

Is there something I am supposed to do?
What should I be doing?
Surely it can't be right for me to just carry on as if hell hasn't broken out on the other side of the world?

What would you have me do?
Can I ask you to intervene over there?
I pray Your will be done.
And I'm asking You to protect the innocent.
Hold them close, keep them safe.
And God? Give our leaders wisdom.
I pray for peace. I pray for an end to the conflict. I pray for Your will to be done.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who float:

2. Blueberries

3. . Super Moons.

Peace to you, friends.

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