Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wall Walking

It's Autumn.
And it doesn't matter.

The seawalls are still awesome.
And sunny Saturdays are pretty special.

I think I was spoiled this summer.
So many memories of stimulating conversations, stunning sunsets, and scrumptious suppers all tied up with these seawalls.

White Rock used to be my 'go to' walk'n talk spot, but these past few months have seen me put on a lot of miles along the Vancouver shoreline.

I went again yesterday.
With another friend who hadn't done this walk before.
And it was the exact perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Haha. Beaches were significantly emptier than they were a month ago.

Saw my first cruise ship leave the harbour!

Know what's awesome about being a woman?
Besides hormones?

Our desire and ability to connect with each other.
It's a beautiful thing.

Dear God,

Thank you for this life.
Help me not to waste it doing meaningless things.
Help me to fully become the person you created me to be.

Those people that I especially love?
Could you get in their faces today?
Like, be bold.
Be overwhelming.
Be outrageous.

Surround them with companions, hand-picked by You.
Give them people to journey through life with that will hang in there through the tough, stretching, ugly, challenging days.
Provide them with friends to share the joys and celebrations of good days.
Protect them all from evil.

I pray that today they are pondering on important things.
And that they have someone to ponder on those things with them.

Even though they probably haven't asked for themselves, could you guide their footsteps?
Open and close doors according to Your best plans for their lives.

Hold them close.
Please don't let them go.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Halloween candy season
2. My passport
3. Friends who love to talk about The Deep and The Personal.


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