Monday, September 29, 2014

Brain Dump

Sandra has a conference in Tampa Bay, Florida this week and invited me to join her.
We're leaving at 4 am on Tuesday morning.

Tricia used to live in Florida, but now lives in Asheville,  North Carolina.
She's going to drive south for 13 hours to stay with her daughter who lives in Tampa.

At some point we're going to meet up.

She's packing for her trip and posted this pic on Facebook:

I, too, am packing:

  • an old Costco bathing suit
  • ancient flip flops
  • stretchy pants
  • hoodies
  • tank tops

Her and I? Are bound to get along like gangbusters.



Chatted with my mom tonight at supper:

"You're too hard on yourself. Your 29 year old self would be so proud of who you've become. Your 29 year old self would be amazed and impressed and very happy."

"Uh, no she wouldn't mom. She would be sad. No newly married young woman would be thrilled to visit herself in the future and find out she's not married anymore."

"But look at you. Look how independent you are. Look at all the things you've done. Look how many friends you have. And all the places you've been. And ..."

"No one, Mennonite girls especially, dreams of a life filled with girl friends and travel. They dream of being loved, being married, having children. They dream of sharing their life with someone. They dream of building a life with someone."

"But ..."

"I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. My 29 year old self would not be looking forward to her future if she knew what was coming. I am living an awesome life. But it's a PLAN B life. My Plan A life didn't work out. So I'm living the fullest and richest Plan B life that I know how. But it's still a Plan B."

"Well, your 39 year old self would be impressed. SHE'D be happy..."

"Yeah, OK, I'll give you that. My 39 year old self (on her own for one year) would be relieved that there still is joy and peace ahead."


As I've shared, I'm a fan of Outlander, and on one of Facebook's fansites, the question was posed:

336 women left comments. Here is a sampling because wisdom is wisdom, yes? 

If you need help, in the name of all that is holy, PLEASE ask for it
Other people don't think about you nearly as often as you think they do. Don't worry about what they think.
Love yourself more
Don't sweat the small stuff - in the end, most of it IS small stuff!!
Save more money.
Just REALX already
Don't eat that... get out more!
That whole shaving the right side of your head...not going to end well.
Close your legs!!!
Don't be shy.....put yourself out there even though you are scared
Patience would make your life so much easier!
You are beautiful, despite what your Dad said.
Lighten up
Put aside 10% of every dollar in savings FIRST, then pay bills, etc.
Know yourself before you commit to someone. Don't confuse the attention, lust and crush  with love.
Don't get fat. 
Stand up for the downtrodden, bullied kids in school
Stop worrying about everything so much and enjoy what's going on NOW.
Put that cigarette down
It gets better.
I married a nerd...20 decision of my life!
Listen to your momma, she really is smarter then you
Take better care of your knees!
Spend more time with your Dad, have long talks and ask about everything you want to know. You'll lose him early and it will too late to do it later. Oh and don't marry that first guy.
Exercise and sleep more!
Smile more
Don't waste your time on men that cheat.
Stop eating candy you idiot.
Don"t be easy.

Plus there were about 100 comments that stated, Go to College
and another 100 that said, Don't marry the first person who asks.
Plus about 50 that said, Travel before you have kids.

Not sure if you're interested in taking advice from strangers on the internet. But if you are, there it is. 

I did this thing. 
Where you answer 10 questions and it will guess your middle name.

They guessed my middle name was Jean.

Jane Jean.

Interestingly though, Jean is my mom's middle name. 

So. Points for getting close. 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The opportunity to go to Florida.
2. The internet
3. Writers, actors, directors ... the whole entertainment industry


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