Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Leaving for the airport at 4 am.
Not going to bother going to bed. Probably.
Unless I do.
Wouldn't that be surprising.

So the forecast?

Didn't matter which website I checked. The forecast was the same for them all.... Rain and thunder storms, with the weather clearing on the day we leave. 

This saddens me.
I'm going to leave it in the Weather Maker's hands.
He knows why I'm crossing the continent.
And if He thinks I need to get wet, well, then I guess I need to get wet.

And instead of outdoor activities, I'll look for some indoor ones. Like seeing a hockey game, perchance? Wouldn't that be fun?


Just got a text from United.
Our flight out of Vancouver is delayed. Til 11 am.
Meaning we're going to miss our connection in Chicago.
So now we have a 7 hour layover.
And we arrive in Tampa WAY later than planned.
No sight-seeing tomorrow night.
But, on the bright side... 7 hours in the Chicago airport!


I guess this means, I should probably get some sleep.

This just changes everything.
My whole evening looks different.

Maybe I'll watch a movie.
On my TV in my media room.
I've only done that twice.
And do the September version of Currently.
And maybe write a letter to my boys in case I die on this trip,
I should leave behind some final words of love and advice, yes?
And then go to bed for a few hours?
So that I can be wide awake and alert on a sold-out plane?


Have I mentioned that I got a bladder infection this weekend?
In all my years of travelling, and this includes four flights to/from Europe from Vancouver, I've only used an airplane washroom ONCE.
I have a feeling I'll be breaking all bathroom-use records tomorrow, unless these drugs kick in big time tonight.

Was all of that just way too much information?
Sorry. I got no one to talk to.
And with conversations like this going on in my head, I don't anticipate a long line up of folks wanting to hang out/chat with me after 10 pm.


I was just thinking.
I wish I'd planned ahead better and arranged for Danica to come over and do my hair.
Like really do it. With lots of appliances and product. So that even if I leave my face somewhere over mid-America, my hair will arrive in Florida looking fab.

My good ideas always come too late.


I'm charging my phone. My laptop. My camera. My Kindle. Apparently you have to prove your electronics are what they are by having them all charged up. Or else they'll take them away. Which would be major lame sauce.

(Haha Danica just used that phrase in a text. I knew I had to fit it in somewhere.)


These pics popped up on Facebook this afternoon, and I love them.
They give me a glimpse into my boy's day:

He's been doing this sort of thing since high school. 
So glad/thankful/thrilled he can make a living doing something he loves. 


Here are some links that look cool:

Just two links. 
Thought I had more. 
Oh well.


The other thing that's happening that I might not have mentioned?
Is that when I get to BC on Sunday evening, I'm going straight to Chilliwack to pick up Vern and we're heading to the lake to talk for 32 hours. Then I'm dropping her off at the Abbotsford Airport at 7 am on Tuesday morning and I will pass out in my car in the underground parking lot at work til 9 am. 

Who's Vern?

My friend from Bible School. 
She lives in Manitoba and we see each other about 3 times a decade. 
This was us in 1980:

Sitting on the floor in my bedroom in our nighties getting ready to talk.
And eat, probably. 

This visit will be a lil different though.
I've invited two other friends from our unit (our unit was C6, upstairs, next to the library. There were four bedrooms, two girls per bedroom. And one bathroom. Which had one toilet, one shower and two sinks attached to the wall. No cabinetry. No room dividers. Just one tiny closet-sized room that 7 girls would use at once. I was the 8th girl. And I waited til everyone was done before I used it) anyway, I invited Lori and Sherry to join us for supper on Monday night. 

I haven't seen Lori in 24 years, but we reconnected on Facebook recently.
And Sherry and I have been connecting about once a year? In person. And more often, via email. 
Sherry, Lori and Vern have not been in touch since forever. 

Interestingly, none of us were roommates. 
My roommate was Sue.
Vern and Joyce shared a room.
Sherry was with Sandi.
And Lori bunked with Lil.

Monday night could be awkward and weird. Or wonderful and awesome. 
It'll probably be the latter. 
But all the same. I will ponder it all week. 

L to R, Vern, Joyce, Sherry and Me


Laundry is done.
Everything is charged.
Suitcase is packed.
Mom's been hugged.
Guess that's it. 
Might as well go to bed for a few hours. 



Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Text messages from airlines advising you not to come to the aiport at 4 am.

2. Reunions. SO many in the next few days. First Tricia. Which, strictly speaking, is not a reunion, as we've never met before. We're both a teensy bit nervous. She is stylish and American. I am so not. And then right after that, the get-together with friends from forever-ago. 

3. Opportunities to travel.


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