Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently: September 2014

Things I am:

Obsessing over,

Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about.   

This first part was written on Tuesday Night:
1. Things I am obsessing over:

  • the weather in Florida. It's 3:40 am here (only 12:40 PST) and It Is POURING. Taxi driver said not to worry, only 5 more days of this, and it should be nice on Sunday. Haha. I crossed the continent for SUN. (Reminds me of my trip to Puerto Vallarta last September and All The Rain we had for the first 4 days. So much rain.) So I'm a bit obsessed about what I'm going to do here.
  • Outlander. There. I said it. I'm a huge fan. First 8 episodes this fall. Next 8 don't begin til the Spring. So glad I have a friend who watches along with me. If at all possible, I am sitting in front of the TV at 7pm and/or 10pm on Sunday nights.  
  • That Brit. Still an obsession. Sigh.

And this part was written on Wednesday, Oct 1:
2. Things I am working on:

  • a good answer to the question, "So. Have you decided what you're going to do about housing?"
  • that list of things I needed to do this fall (get tooth pulled, donate blood, doctor's appointment, craft night, etc)
  • Also working on adjusting my attitude about a few things. OK, a lot of things. 
  • and ... I'm working on sticking up for myself once in awhile. I'm really not a dumb woman. Every so often I'm going to defend the brain God gave me. 

3. Things I am thinking about:

  • Winters coming. Haha. We are barely into fall, and I'm thinking about the season that follows. 
  • Also thinking about Clint who moved this weekend from the house he loved. Feels weird that I'm not around to pop in with pizza and cleaning supplies. 
  • The bugs/insects here in Florida are so different than the ones in BC. SO  MANY teensy tiny geckos, scurrying this way and that. AND SO MANY huge crickets/grasshopper thingys just staring at me. 
  • Thinking about Max,reading and studying for a certification exam. 
  • Thinking about Drew and his agreement with his roommate. "He cooks. I do dishes." Haha. Brilliant. 
  • I am thinking about how I'm not very girlie. This is how much make-up/toiletries I bring on a trip:

And this is Sandra's make up situation:

4. Things I am anticipating:

  • Meeting Tricia in the morning. Tricia and her 2 daughters. Tricia and her 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. 
  • Getting used to this time zone eventually. 
  • Taking spectacular pics at the beach. THIS beach:

  • Also, anticipating long, deep, fun, conversations with some friends I met in the Fall of '79.
  • And I anticipate being very tired on Tuesday Oct 7
  • And THIS. I am anticipating THIS. (Let me know if you want to come. Tix are $20.) Gonna be an awesome evening.

5. Things I am listening to:

  • Sandra. I am listening to Sandra. She's a talker. And I'm listening to her phone ping. She's texting. And receiving texts. 
  • Also listening to the air conditioning unit.
  • And I hear the elevator. (We're right beside it.)
  • BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS SECTION IS ABOUT. Remember? I added this question so I could keep track of the new songs/music that came into my life this month. So. Added to my playlist this month are these songs:

Do not judge me. 
Yes, I know most of these songs are old. 
But this month? I like them. 

6. Things I am eating:

  • I'm in FLORIDA. I'm eating Floridian food. Stuff that's native to these parts. This was my lunch:

I slept through this morning's complimentary breakfast. (I was up til 5 am. Then slept til 11.) So I went down for lunch at noon. And sat in the restaurant til 1 and didn't get served. Or acknowledged. My new super power... I'm invisible. So I skipped lunch because I saw some blue sky. And I sat right beneath it. At the pool:

I had it totally to myself. 
It's like the Rapture happened and all the tanners got whisked to heaven. 
(My spot was on the right side, which is right beside the freeway, underneath the exit sign. FUN.)

ANYway, by 3 I was really hungry. So I went to the gift shop, which has 14 items in it and bought the above foods for my lunch. Seriously, best lunch ever. 

And for supper? More authentic, organic Florida food. We walked over to the Mall (OF COURSE WE DID) and had Chinese Food. I had lettuce wraps. 

My snack food of choice, is CRUNCH bars, obvs. Not too common in Canada, but our gift shop here has them. So. 

Sandra packed her own snacks:

She likes popcorn. 

7. Things I am praying for:

  • The family and friends of Jason Collett and Serenda Vermeersch,both murdered a few weeks ago. And praying, especially for the young people who first found them. God, Your will be done. 
  • My kids; their jobs, their roommates, their friends, their lives.
  • My parents; their situation, their health, their friends, their lives.
  • Marriages. Specially those that are in trouble. God, open their eyes to see their spouses the way that You do. 
  • Families. God, hold them close. 
  • Folks with drug addictions/alcohol dependency. God, bring help. Enable them to take it. 
  • Folks in recovery. God, give them strength. And friends to walk alongside. 
  • People I love who need meaningful work. God, open doors.
  • Those 300 Nigerian school girls who were abducted in April. God, protect them. 
  • Our leaders. God. Give them wisdom.
  • Entertainment industry. 
  • Me.

8. Things I am reading:

  • I've read two books so far this trip:

I'd recommend both.

9. Things I am happy about:

  • Late night chat with Clint. 
  • Got some sun this afternoon.
  • Bladder is settling down. (Sandra developed a nasty large red lump on her eye this morning. "Having a sore on your face is The Worst thing to have on a trip," she said. "Having a spastic bladder's not much fun either," I noted.) We're both on the mend. 
  • That's it. 


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Tricia said...

YAY! Just half an hour is separating us. Welcome to the Sunshine State. :)