Thursday, October 23, 2014

Edge Of My Seat.

There was some chaos in Canada today as a gunman shot and killed a Canada Forces member who was at his post at the National War Memorial in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The gunman was killed later in the House of Parliament by the House of Commons Sargent-at-Arms and RCMP.

Say WUT?
This happened here?
In Canada?
My Canada?
The safe place to live?

My world felt a little less predictable this morning.


I saw Gone Girl last night.

I hadn't read the book, nor had I watched trailers or checked reviews. We went to it, completely blind, so to speak.

So not prepared for the tension.
Did he do it?
Why did she do that?
What could possibly happen next?
How is this going to end?

I was a sack of nerves for the entire show.

Regarding the leading man: Ben Affleck's acting just might be improving. :)
He's no Brad Pitt though....


And speaking of Brad Pitt, I went to see Fury tonight.

I knew it was a war movie.
And that war movies are usually gruesome.
This one? Was very.
Very gruesome.

Some scenes were very hard to watch.
The blood, mud, guts, hatred, anger, confusion, male bravado...
So much.
So much of many bad things. Probably just like a real war.

We do terrible things to each other.
I've seen two war movies in the past few months; this one and Walking with the Enemy.
Both affected me the same way, in that I wonder why we don't learn?

That war, on all fronts, was pure evil. What Hitler was doing, what Stalin was doing, what the Japanese were doing, what Mussolini was doing...

How is it any different today?
Innocent guard standing in front of a memorial, gets shot in cold blood.
Babies are beheaded. Children are sold into prostitution. School girls are kidnapped to become slaves. Women are beaten and abused. Wars in Palestine and Israel. We just never learn. Our capacity for evil is mind-boggling.

Getting back to the movie...
It was, I thought, a good movie to use as a case study for leadership.
And male bonding.
And respect for the guy in charge.

I was in awe of that.

Also. Can we talk about the leading man?
He? IS Brad Pitt.

Wholey Cow that man can act.

And he has a nice face too.


Two Humans of New York people have been stuck in my mind today:

“I was doing time for armed robbery when I found out that my daughter had been killed. Her and my son-in-law had been doing hallucinogens, and he was choking her because that is supposed to make a better orgasm, but he cut off her air too long and ended up killing her. Instead of calling the police, he sat on her body for three days then dumped it behind a 7-11. I was so angry when they called and told me, I pulled up a footlocker that was bolted to the ground. I’m skinny but I’m strong as hell. My wife couldn’t take it, and she OD’d. They found her in the bathroom with one hundred empty bags of heroin. She’d fallen in the bathtub and hit her head on the soap dish. When they called and told me that, I tried to hang myself with my bedsheets."

This just makes me so sad. 
So unbelievably sad.

I have strong negative feelings about drugs. They ruin lives and families. And the ripple effect just keeps going.  


And when I first saw this one, it was on instagram, on my phone. My niece had reposted it and I thought it was Max. He has a toque and red shirt just like that. 

Alas. It was not he. 
He's not living in a brownstone in New York. Haha. 

"What are the flowers for?"
"We woke up at 5 AM today. So we're saying 'sorry.'"

Oh my goodness. JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE COMMENT was positive about this young father. Especially the part where he says "we".
Girls love that shit stuff.
Wives adore that effort.

He is a wise man.


Three things I am thankful for:

1. Got to play with my camera at work today:

2. The Pittsburgh Penguins sang Oh Canada before they played Philadelphia tonight. Classy.

3. I live in Canada. Still one of the safest places in the world to live.

Shalom friends,

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