Saturday, October 25, 2014

It Has Been A Week of Books and Movies

... books and movies and a whole lot of work.

This is The Busy Season.
So many hours of list making.
And juggling deadlines.
And watching creative people be creative.
And sweet talking print sales people into rushing our orders.
And putting out little fires (challenges) that pop up from time to time.


Plus there's been a ton of rain.
So I've not been walking.
Lots of indoor activities, in other words.

Earlier this week it was book club, Gone Girl and Fury.

Thursday night it was dinner at a friend's house:

Yes, It was amazingly tasty. She is good with food.

And then, she stretched herself and made a chocolate dessert for me, even though desserts are not her thing:

It's Chocolate Mousse.

And yup. It was better than you could imagine.

Her daughter had dinner with us and? Well. It was just so nice.
Not that I'd want to trade in any of my sons, necessarily, but a daughter would have been grand. Maybe I should have had a fourth?

We then sat and talked for hours and solved all the world's problems.
We are awesome like that.

Started with a phone call from Clint who is using my truck.
(The head gasket blew on his, and he's saving up to buy a new truck. So I'm driving my dad's pick up. (Again) while he drives my Escape.

I was dead asleep when he called.

Him: Ever have that thing where you key won't start your truck?
Me: Whaaaa time zit?
Him: Where everything jams because the electronics are screwed and the truck doesn't recognize your key?
Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhm
Him: It's because something got wet and its all short circuiting and nothing works and this truck is useless.
Me: I'm shorrry.
Him: And I have a shoot and all my gear is packed up and I'm going to lose a day of work and
Me: Um. Do you want me to drive over and pick you up? I can leave in 3 minutes.
(It wouldn't have been pretty. I was still mostly asleep.)
Him: No. I'd be three hours late. You have to fix this truck.
Me: I'm getting the pick-up fixed on Tuesday, New brakes.
Him: Bye

So I just prayed.
Didn't know what else to do.

He texted me a few minutes later:
Him: I took out the battery and jiggled the engine. It's started now.
Me (to myself, Thank you, Jesus): Good. Hope you can still make your shoot...

Today was a crazy busy day at work.
It seemed there was a tiny catastrophe every 15 minutes. Nothing big, but something.
You know what I mean?
I spent the day thinking up then executing Plan B's.

I'm becoming an expert at Good Alternatives.

It's a handy skill.

My routine this week has been:
Go To Work
Go From Work to A Thing (movie, book club, dinner with a friend)
Go Home at 11 pm
Work Another Hour or Two
Go To Work
Go From Work to A Thing
... etc

Today was no different.
I went from work to dinner to a movie:

SO good.
I recommend it.

Solid acting.
Great story,

Father and son relationships. So tricky, yes?

And tomorrow morning?

At 9 am? I am leaving the house (GASP) to attend a Birthday Brunch.
I have a feeling this is going to be a new thing in my life.
I guess we're getting at that age where people don't like going out at night.

I mentioned this brunch thing to a couple people at work, and they all nodded, like 'yes. Morning gatherings. So much wiser. We're up at 6 anyways.'

We are?
Oh man.
I am so going to suck at this whole aging thing.

When I asked if I should bring anything, the response was, "Just a sunny, happy disposition."
I'm to be happy?

Oh man.


Somewhere in the midst of all that, I finished reading The Dovekeepers.

It's about the Siege of Masada in 73 AD.

A remnant of Jewish families (about 900 people) camped out/lived on Masada for years, hiding from the Romans. Eventually the Roman army (10,000 strong) gathered below with the intent to kill them all. This book is that story, told through the lives of the four women who tended to the doves.

Fascinating story.

Looking forward to the CBS mini series next year...
Filming wrapped up this week on Malta.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends;

2. Fall trees:

3. Answered prayer.


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