Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Rest of That Top Ten List

(...Top Ten Things About This Trip That I Love ...)
(I've already posted 1 - 4)

5. Have you seen The World of Color?
I LOVE it.
SO hard.

6. And the other thing I've loved about this trip, so far?
Was the day I met up with Max, Clint and Stacy at Disneyland. (Saturday.)

On Friday Sandra and I noticed that in most of the long ride line-ups, people were playing a game using their smart phones. So I asked one of the young women to show me which app it was. (Do you watch Ellen? She plays it with her guests; called, "Head's Up". )

So, I downloaded the app in preparation for my Day at Disney with my kids.
Being AT Disneyland is not enough. I needed more.
(Because I am not the fun parent.
I know this.
It sucks.
But there it is.
I am the one they call when their trucks break down. Or when they need money for insurance.
But I'm not fun. I don't do crazy things. Or buy outrageous toys. Or go on wild adventures.
I am boring.

I need to laugh more around them.)

ANYway, in anticipation of standing in long lines with them, I had this new fun game all ready to go.

Me: Have you noticed everyone playing a charades-type game in the line ups?
(Clint, Stacy and Max have been at Disneyland two full days already, with their dad.)
Them: No.
Me: Really? Seemed like yesterday everyone was playing it. Here. Let me show you.
Them: Looks dumb.
Me: No. It's fun. Here, let's do a practice game.
Them: Uh, no.
Me: Just one game?
Them: OK Fine.

So we played one game.
They were not fans.

So I put my phone in the breast pocket of my denim vest and we just talked while in the line up for Thunder Mountain.

Evidence of cell phone placement

And after 5 minutes of talking, Clint reached over and pulled my phone out of that pocket and my heart smiled so wide I could hardly breathe.

(Actually, you're supposed to put the phone on your forehead, but we're too cool for that. Clint (above) is guessing which movie we are giving him clues for.) Max's turn to guess, below:

Eventually it got to the point where just Clint and Max were playing. They have this short-hand to clue-giving that is fascinating to watch.

The category was always movies.
When Sandra and I played, we described the movies. Or listed the actors. Or said some characters' names. Or discussed the plot. Or, most importantly, said whether we'd seen it together and if we'd liked it...

The boys on the other hand?

Just said one line from the movie and that was all it took.
Usually the other one could successfully guess which movie it was.

7. Another Top Thing?

How can it be that I've never tried this before?
So good:

More tomorrow.
Takes forever to upload pics...


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