Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Disneyland was fun. Palm Springs is awesome.

Top Ten Things (so far) about this trip that I love (not in order of top-ness):

1. I started and finished a book that kept my attention all day today. It was The Perfect Holiday Read. She is a 59 year old divorcee who has made a living as a photographer. One of her parents lives in a care home with Alzheimers. The other parent lives in a huge NY apartment with a full time care aid. She, Rebecca, moves into a cabin the woods to figure her life out. The attic in her cabin has a raccoon living in it...  so she calls an exterminator. Who refers her to a roofer. (This storyline is so familiar....) And the best part? The inspiring part? Someone falls in love with her.

2. Hmmm. Another Good Thing?  No Advil today. Which means my jaw has stopped throbbing. Which means that I forget sometimes that I have a hole there. Like when I popped a jelly belly into that side of my mouth (previously known as My Favorite Corner) and just about pushed that lil candy straight through to the bone by biting down on it with abandon. But I've only done that twice, so that's encouraging.

3. Another thing that I love about this trip? The Disney Days. On Friday, it was just Sandra and I. We were planning on getting to the park at about 2 that first afternoon, but our hotel wasn't ready for us, and then she had some work to do - so we finally walked through the enchanted gates about an hour before the sun set.

I love Disney at night. 

4. And I loved the two new rides. This is what the new Toy Story ride thingy looks like. You wear 3D glasses and sit in that little cart:

and you shoot things on screens with this gun:

And you find out your score at the end:

(And not that I'm bragging or anything, but I was Player 2.)
Hi Score for this game, for this month was over 600,000.

This ride? Was So Much Fun.

And the other favorite new ride:
The new car one.
In California Adventure Park.
It was like racing through Bryce Canyon.
So scenic.
So beautiful.

We were in the yellow car:

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